Ruzen Atakan

Ruzen Atakan (born 1966) in Akincilar, Nicosia is a Turkish-Cypriot painter and the daughter of the famous Cypriot painter Ali Atakan. She graduated from Gazi University Turkey, in 1988. She has had 3 solo shows and took part in many mixed and group exhibitions in Cyprus as well as overseas. Presently she is teaching at Fine Arts Secondary School, Nicosia, Cyprus.


Ruzen participated in the following exhibitions:

*1988 Group Exhibition in British Council, Ankara.
*1990 Group Exhibition at Fluxus Art Gallery, Nicosia.
*1991 1st Solo Exhibition at Fluxus Art Gallery, Nicosia.
*1991 Contemporary Turkish Cypriot Painting Exhibition, London.
*1994 2nd Solo Exhibition at Atatürk Cultural Center, Nicosia.
*1994 Namık Kemal Painting Prize, Famagusta.
*1997 3rd Solo Exhibition Atatürk Cultural Center, Nicosia.
*1977 State Art and Sculpture Prize, Nicosia.
*1999 Group Exhibition at Gotland University College, Gotland,
*1999 Namık Kemal Painting Prize, Famagusta.
*1999 Group Exhibition at Kunstmesse, Salzburg,
*2001 Group Exhibition at IMKB, Istanbul.
*2003 Bi-communal Exhibition at Hilton Hotel, Nicosia.
*2003 Group Exhibition, İzmir International Fair, İzmir.
*2004 4th Solo Exhibition, “April Exhibition” Iktisatbank Gallery, Nicosia

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