List of people named Sophie

*Sophie Aldred (British actress)
*Sophie Anderton (English supermodel)
*Sophie Blake (British television presenter)
*Sophie Calle (Artist)
*Sophie Choudry (Indian singer and MTV India VJ)
*Sophie Dahl (English fashion model and author)
*Sophie Ellis-Bextor (British singer)
*Sophie Germain (French mathematician)
*Sophie Grégoire, (former Canadian model and television host, wife of Justin Trudeau)
*Sophie Grigson (British cookery writer)
*Sophie Gengembre Anderson (Artist)
*Sophie B. Hawkins (American singer-songwriter)
*Princess Sophie von Hohenberg (Austrian aristocrat)
*Sophie Kerr (American author)
*Sophie Lancaster (British murder victim)
*Sophie Lascelles (Minor British royal)
*Sophie Lee (Australian actress)
*Sophie Marceau (French actress)
*Sophie Masloff (Former mayor of Pittsburgh)
*Sophie Moleta (New Zealand singer-songwriter)
*Sophie Monk (Australian singer)
*Sophie Moone (Hungarian porn actress)
*Sophie Muller (Music video director)
*Sophie Okonedo (British actress)
*Sophie Pemberton (Canadian painter)
*Sophie Raworth (British television presenter)
*Sophie Rostopchine, comtesse de Ségur (French writer)
*Sophie Scholl (Member of the WWII White Rose resistance)
*Sophie Schröder (German actress)
*Sophie Thompson (British actress)
*Sophie Treadwell (American writer)
*Sophie Tucker (American entertainer)
*Sophie Ward (British actress)
*Sophie, Countess of Wessex (Member of the British Royal Family)
*Sophie Wilson (British computer scientist)
*Sophie Winkleman (British actress)
*Sophie Zelmani (Swedish singer-songwriter)

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