Gupta (name)

Gupta ( _hi. गुप्ता) is a surname of Indian origin. Gupta is a common surname in India, but it is uncertain whether there was one parent clan from which all families with Gupta surname branched. According to the historian R. C. Majumdar, it is more probable that different families without any connection adopted this name at different times. [cite book
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*In northern India, most of Guptas belong to the Hindu and Jain "Baniya" communities. [ [ Name History and Origin for Gupta] ]
*The Guptas from Punjab and Jammu belong to the Mahajan caste.
*The Guptas from the West Bengal belong to the "Vaid" (physician) community, and are related to the Sengupta and Dasgupta communities of Bengal.
*Many communities either Kayastha or OBC castes use the same surname.
*Komatis and Chetty's also use Guptha added along with a surname.

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*Agarwal, Hindu community closely related to Guptas in northern India


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