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A folding editor is a text editor which supports text folding or code folding, a mechanism allowing the user to hide and reveal blocks of text—usually named. Typically this is done to allow the user to better picture the overall structure of a document or program.

Folding is provided by many modern text editors, and syntax-based or semantics-based folding is now a component of many software development environments.


One of the earliest folding editors was STET, an editor written for the VM/CMS operating system in 1977 by Mike Cowlishaw. STET is a text editor (for documentation, programs, etc.) which folds files on the basis of blocks of lines; any block of lines can be folded and replaced by a name line (which in turn can be part of a block which itself can then be folded).

A folding editor appeared in the occam IDE "circa" 1983, which was called the Inmos Transputer Development System.Fact|date=February 2007

The Macintosh computer historically had a number of source code editors that "folded" portions of code via "disclosure triangles". The UserLand Software product Frontier is a scripting environment that has this capability. [cite web|accessdate=2006-12-27|url=|]

Editors with folding capability

A number of text editors provide folding capability. Those that do include:

* [ aoeui] , the Dvorak-optimized editor
* [ EditPad Pro]
* [ EditPlus]
* Delphi
* Emacs
* Eclipse
* EmEditor Professional
* [ Folding Text Editor]
* Geany
* [ GridinSoft Notepad]
* jEdit
* Kate
* Komodo Edit
* Kwrite
* LEXX/LPEX (editor for the OED) [LEXX – A programmable structured editor "IBM Journal of Research and Development", Vol 31, No. 1, 1987, IBM Reprint order number G322-0151]
* Notepad++
* [ RJ Text Editor]
* SciTE
* TextMate
* UltraEdit
* Vim
* Visual Studio
* Xcode 3.0
* XEDIT (however its folding is effected by scripts)
* Zeus IDE

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* Code folding


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* [ What is a folding editor?] by the author of the [ fe] editor.
* [ Description of the folding editor] used in occam.

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