Left anarchism

Left anarchism

Left anarchism or left-wing anarchismRef label|A|I|none refers to forms of anarchism that are seen by some on the 'left of politics'. It posits a future society in which property does not exist and is replaced by reciprocity and non-hierarchical society. [Peacock, Adrian. 1999. "Two Hundred Pharaohs, Five Billion Slaves". Ellipsis London] [Goodwin, Barbara. 2007. "Using Political Ideas". John Wiley & Sons] Left-wing anarchism is thus distinguished from free-market anarchism [Paul, Ellen Frankel. Miller, Fred Dycus. Paul, Jeffrey. 1993. ("no title listed") Cambridge University Press. p. 115] or "right-wing" anarchism (such as that of Murray Rothbard). [Chomsky, Noam. 2003. "Chomsky on Democracy & Education". Routledge. p. 398 Chomsky, Noam. "Language and Politics". AK Press. p. 153]

Ulrike Heider,Ref_label|B|II|none who claims to be syndicalist, in "Anarchism: Left, Right and Green" categorizes anarchism into left anarchism, right anarchism (anarcho-capitalism), and green anarchism. [Heider, Ulrike. "Anarchism: Left, Right and Green" San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1994.] page number Left-wing anarchism has been visible in anti-globalization protests, such as in Seattle in 1999 against the World Trade Organization. [Rosser, John Barkley. 2004. "Comparative Economics in Transforming World Economy". MIT Press. p. 63] Paul Thagard argues that "left-wing anarchist" societies can only survive in small groups. He claims that in a large society, "in order to facilitate freedom, flourishing, and fairness, having some form of government is preferable to having no state at all."


I.Note label|A|I|none Left anarchism is sometimes used synonymously with libertarian socialism,Brooks, Thom. (2002) Book Reviews. "Journal of Applied Philosophy" 19 (1) , 75–90 doi:10.1111/1468-5930.00206] left libertarianism, communitarian anarchism, [Morris, Christopher W. 1998. "An Essay on the Modern State". Cambridge University Press. p. 74] or social anarchism.Thagard, Paul. 2002. "Coherence in Thought and Action". MIT Press. p. 153] II.Note_label|B|II|none Heider's work has been strongly criticised by anarchist academics including Bryan Caplan and Murray Bookchin for the allegedly poor quality of its research and presentation. [cite web
title=Factual Errors in Marshall and Heider
authorlink=Bryan Caplan
] [cite journal |last=Bookchin |first=Murray |authorlink=Murray Bookchin |year=1994 |month=Winter |title=A Meditation on Anarchist Ethics |journal=The Raven: Anarchist Quarterly, |volume=7 |issue=4 |pages=328–46 |url=http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/ANARCHIST_ARCHIVES/bookchin/meditation.html |accessdate=2008-03-08 ]


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* [http://www.infoshop.org/faq/append11.html#app6 Defining anarchism] from An Anarchist FAQ, written by social anarchists
* [http://www.gmu.edu/departments/economics/bcaplan/anarfaq.htm Anarchist Theory FAQ] , in which anarcho-capitalist Bryan Caplan argues that a broad division in anarchism exists between "left-anarchism" and anarcho-capitalism
* [http://www.mises.org/article.aspx?Id=348&FS=+Anarchism:+Two+Kinds "Anarchism: Two Kinds"] by Wendy McElroy, an individualist anarchist
* [http://www.weisbord.org/conquest11.htm Collectivist-Anarchism] and [http://www.weisbord.org/conquest12.htm Communist-Anarchism] from "The Conquest of Power", by Albert Weisbord
* [http://www.theidyllic.com/php/article.php?article=52 "Canning Reactionary Leftism"] a criticism of left-anarchism by Keith Preston
* [http://www.insurgentdesire.org.uk/lameness.htm "The Incredible Lameness of Left Anarchism"] by Jason McQuinn. A critique from a post-left anarchist perspective.
* [http://www.attackthesystem.com/learning-the-hard-way-my-life-as-an-anarcho-leftoid/ "Learning the Hard Way: My Life as an Anarcho-Leftoid"] by Keith Preston

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