Problem domain

Problem domain

A problem domain is a domain where the parameters defining the boundaries of the domain and sufficient mappings into a set of ranges including itself are not well enough understood to provide a systematic description of the domain.

A problem domain is simply looking at only the topics you are interested in. For example, if you were developing a system about medicine, you wouldn't include carpets in your problem domain. In this example the domain refers to topics solely within your interest: medicine.

This would be a target space of meta-tools designed to explore a domain-space.

Alternately, a domain specifically defined by some extrinsic problem-system to differentiate it from the set of all domains.

See: domain theory for the mathematical discipline related to these issues.

In this context see information theory as the idea behind a domain as a minimal set of sources for mappings relative to the problem a specific instance of applying Occam's Razor.

Having defined a specific problem domain with sufficient parameters and mappings for consultation, a systematic approach to the solution can be developed in accordance with the Parker Rule. Using this rule, it is implied that any topics not directly associated with the initial problem domain, and it's immediate mappings should not be included within the problem domain, but should be considered as parameters of the secondary mappings of any associated domains.

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