Gamboge (pronounced /ɡæmˈboʊʒ/ gam-bozh, /ɡæmˈboʊdʒ/ gam-bohj or /ɡæmˈbuːʒ/ gam-boozh)[1] is a partially transparent dark mustard yellow pigment.[Note 1]

Gamboge is most often extracted by tapping resin from various species of evergreen trees of the family Guttiferae (also known as Clusiaceae), most often of the gamboge tree (genus Garcinia), including G. hanburyi (Cambodia and Thailand), G. morella (India and Sri Lanka), and G. elliptica and G. heterandra (Myanmar);[2] the orange fruit of Garcinia gummi-gutta (formerly called G. cambogia) is also known as gamboge[3] or gambooge.

The trees must be ten years old before they are tapped.[4] The resin is extracted by making spiral incisions in the bark, and by breaking off leaves and shoots and letting the milky yellow resinous gum drip out. The resulting latex is collected in hollow bamboo canes.[2] After the resin is congealed, the bamboo is broken away and large rods of raw gamboge remain.

The first recorded use of gamboge as a color name in English was in 1634. [5] It is used to dye Buddhist monks' robes.[6][7]


Etymology of gamboge

The word gamboge comes from gambogium, the Latin word for the pigment, which derives from Gambogia, the Latin word for Cambodia.[8]

New gamboge

New gamboge is synthetic yellow pigment. The pigment has a color similar to that of natural gamboge.[9]


  1. ^ Other forms and spellings are: cambodia, cambogium, camboge, cambugium, gambaugium, gambogia, gambozia, gamboidea, gambogium, gumbouge, gambouge, gamboge, gambooge, gambugia. (Oxford English Dictionary)


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