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teyr History

The city of Steyr, Austria has been known for forging weapons since the 14th century. Thousands of muskets, pistols, and carbines were produced annually in the mid 17th century for the Imperial Army.

After his father's death, 24 year old Josef Werndl took over his families weapons factory. On April 16th, 1864, Josef Werndl founded the "Josef und Franz Werndl & Comp. Waffenfabrik und Sägemühle in Oberletten" (Josef and Franz Werndl & Partners Weapons Factory and Sawmill in Oberletten), from which later emerged the "Österreichische Waffenfabriksgesellschaft" (OEWG, Austrian Arms-Manufacturing Company), and subsequently the Steyr Werke AG and Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG, from which STEYR MANNLICHER was a part.

First applied in 1890, the Mannlicher pistol model 1905, and the Steyr pistol M.1912 became milestones in auto-loading pistols technology. At the beginning of World War I, with more than 15,000 employees, production output was 4,000 weapons per day. After the end of World War I, weapons production in Steyr was all but entirely prohibited, and in 1918, the company faced bankruptcy. To survive, the company converted their machinery to produce cars. World War II provided a brief revival in weapons production.

During the 1950's the famous Mannlicher-Schönauer full stock rifle experienced a renaissance. Simultaneously, The re-emergance of the Austrian Armed Forces in the Second Republic was the base for a new start of military weapons production.

In the 1970's, Steyr opened up new dimensions in military weapons development with a new assault rifle in bullpup design. The StG 77 extensively utilized synthetic materials, and an integrated fixed optic. The export version became the AUG – “Armee Universal Gewehr” (Universal Army Assault Rifle).

Modern Steyr

Steyr M, M-A1 and smaller variants Steyr S and S-A1 are modern semi-automatic pistols manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher from Steyr, Austria. Like many other modern designs such as the Glock, these pistols use a polymer frame for the receiver and machined metal slide and barrel.

The Steyr M series was designed by Wilhelm Bubits who holds several patents for some of the unique features of the pistol including; triangular/trapezoid sights, the receiver and trigger module, and the manual safety.

Steyr M series pistols are frequently compared to Glock as both are polymer-framed striker fired pistols with Tenifer finishes manufactured in Austria. However, there are several significant differences in the construction of both.

Steyr M, M-A1, S and S-A1 pistols all feature:

*Ergonomic 111 degree grip angle
*Low bore axis barrel to reduce muzzle flip
*Unique triangular/trapezoid sights
*Loaded chamber indicator (LCI) below the rear sights
*Fully supported chamber
*One piece steel "action carrier"
*Barrel Rifling: right hand, 6 lands and grooves
*Trigger System: "Reset Action System" (similar to double action)
*Trigger Travel: 4mm (0.15 in)
*Trigger Pull: 2.5 kg (5.51 lb)

teyr Antiques

Steyr Mannlicher M1894 || Steyr Mannlicher M1901 || Steyr Model 1905 || Steyr Model 1912

=Steyr GB=

The Steyr GB is a double-action 9x19mm large frame Semi-Automatic Pistol employing a gas-delayed blow back action and features a magazine capacity of 18 rounds. Original designs began in 1968 with a total production run of between fifteen and twenty thousand pistols from 1981 to 1988.

=M Series=

The M Series was Steyrs first generation modern pistol design. Sometimes referred to as "the full size Steyr", the M series is actually a semi-compact pistol similar in size to a Glock 19. Chambered in 9x19, 9x21, .40 S&W & .357 SIG.

M-A1 series

The M-A1 series is the evolutionary replacement of the M-series. Chambered in 9x19, 9x21, .40 S&W & .357 SIG.

Improvement over the previous M series:
*The grip of the pistol has been redesigned with some textured surfaces and a redesigned magazine well (uses same magazines)
*Ergonomics have been slightly altered to improve grip
*The manual safety is now optional (not in U.S., all U.S. imports are without manual safety)
*The front of the receiver features a universal picatinny rail


These are a more compact variant of the M series. Chambered in 9x19 & .40 S&W.

-A1 Series

These are a more compact variant of the M-A1 series. Chambered in 9x19 & .40 S&W.


Steyr M/M-A1 and S/S-A1 series pistols feature three mechanical safeties.

;Trigger safety:The raised bar in the center of the trigger is known as the trigger safety. This keeps the trigger from being pulled by an inadvertent off-angle trigger pull. That is, the gun will fire only if the trigger safety is pressed into the trigger and the trigger subsequently pulled back.

;Manual safety:The manual safety is a small tab which, when activated, is lowered in front of the trigger and displays a small white dot. This indicates that the pistol is currently incapable of being fired. The manual safety is deactivated by pushing the bar up and into the pistol's frame, thus allowing the trigger to be pulled back and the weapon fired.

;Key lock:This locking mechanism is located in the right side of the frame, above the trigger. It is characterized by a small circular plate with two holes in it (LE versions of the pistols have a handcuff key hole). This mechanism is activated by using an included key (LE versions use any handcuff key). When engaged, this safety prevents the gun from firing or being disassembled.


Date codes

Steyr pistols are marked with a three digit date code on the slide just forward of the ejection port.
The first letter represents the month of manufacture.
The second and third letters represent the last two digits of the year of manufacture.
In this example, The date code "BOY" indicates a pistol manufactured in April 2007.

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