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caption = Screenshot of the ADTPro server running under Windows XP.
developer = [ David Schmidt]
source_model = open source
latest_release_version = 1.1.1
latest_release_date = September 18 2008
ui = Java
license = GPL
working_state = current
website =

Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS (ADTPro) transfers diskettes and logical disk images between Apple 8-bit computers and the modern world. It is useful for people wishing to archive original diskettes they own or for reconstituting logical disk images to physical diskettes on real Apple II or Apple III hardware. ADTPro also has the ability to bootstrap those computers into their respective disk operating systems without actually having boot disks available, enabling the reconstitution of boot disks themselves. Communications methods between Apple and modern hardware include serial, ethernet, and audio.

ADTPro is an open source project hosted on SourceForge.


ADTPro's client side borrows heavily from the original Apple Disk Transfer (ADT) base code from version 1.23. [ [ ADTPro Credits ] ] The original ADT was written by Paul Guertin.] ADT is currently maintained on Berlios.

ADT in turn evolved from Rich Williamson's SENDDISK program, released on April 9, 1993. His Apple-side program read an entire disk with Apple DOS' RWTS (Read Write Track Sector) routine, and transmitted the data through an Apple Super Serial Card in slot 1. His PC-side program listened to COM1 for such a data stream, and stored it in a .DSK file, the format expected by Apple II emulators. [ [ Csa2 Apple II FAQs FILE UTILITIES ] ]


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