List of antiviral drugs

This is a list of antiviral drugs.



* Abacavir
* Aciclovir
* Acyclovir
* Adefovir
* Amantadine
* Amprenavir
* Arbidol
* Atazanavir
* Atripla


* Brivudine


* Cidofovir
* Combivir


* Darunavir
* Delavirdine
* Didanosine
* Docosanol


* Edoxudine
* Efavirenz
* Emtricitabine
* Enfuvirtide
* Entecavir
* Entry inhibitors


* Famciclovir
* Fixed dose combination (antiretroviral)
* Fomivirsen
* Fosamprenavir
* Foscarnet
* Fosfonet
* Fusion inhibitor


* Ganciclovir


* Ibacitabine
* Imunovir
* Idoxuridine
* Imiquimod
* Indinavir
* Inosine
* Integrase inhibitor
* Interferon type III
* Interferon type II
* Interferon type I
* Interferon


* Lamivudine
* Lopinavir
* Loviride


* MK-0518
* Maraviroc
* Moroxydine


* Nelfinavir
* Nevirapine
* Nexavir
* Nucleoside analogues


* Oseltamivir


* Penciclovir
* Peramivir
* Pleconaril
* Podophyllotoxin
* Protease inhibitor (pharmacology)


* Reverse transcriptase inhibitor
* Ribavirin
* Rimantadine
* Ritonavir

* Saquinavir
* Stavudine
* Synergistic enhancer (antiretroviral)


* Tenofovir
* Tenofovir disoproxil
* Tipranavir
* Trifluridine
* Trizivir
* Tromantadine
* Truvada


* Valaciclovir
* Valganciclovir
* Vicriviroc
* Vidarabine
* Viramidine


* Zalcitabine
* Zanamivir
* Zidovudine

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