Saint Martial (disambiguation)

Saint Martial may refer to:

* Saint Martial, the first bishop of Limoges, in today's France
* Saint Martial, the son of Felicitas, venerated in Italy
* Abbey of Saint Martial, Limoges
* Saint Martial (Roman), secretary of the apostle Peter, mentioned at Santa Maria in Via Lata
* St. Martial school, a style of Aquitanian polyphony in medieval music

Saint Martial is the name of several communes in France:

* Saint-Martial, Ardèche, in the Ardèche "département"
* Saint-Martial, Cantal, in the Cantal "département"
* Saint-Martial, Charente, in the Charente "département"
* Saint-Martial, Charente-Maritime, in the Charente-Maritime "département"
* Saint-Martial, Gard, in the Gard "département"
* Saint-Martial, Gironde, in the Gironde "département"

It is also part of the name of several communes of France:

* Saint-Martial-d'Albarède, in the Dordogne "département"
* Saint-Martial-d'Artenset, in the Dordogne "département"
* Saint-Martial-de-Gimel, in the Corrèze "département"
* Saint-Martial-de-Mirambeau, in the Charente-Maritime "département"
* Saint-Martial-de-Nabirat, in the Dordogne "département"
* Saint-Martial-de-Valette, in the Dordogne "département"
* Saint-Martial-de-Vitaterne, in the Charente-Maritime "département"
* Saint-Martial-Entraygues, in the Corrèze "département"
* Saint-Martial-le-Mont, in the Creuse "département"
* Saint-Martial-le-Vieux, in the Creuse "département"
* Saint-Martial-sur-Isop, in the Haute-Vienne "département"
* Saint-Martial-sur-Né, in the Charente-Maritime "département"
* Saint-Martial-Viveyrol, in the Dordogne "département"

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