List of Clerk of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong

The Clerk is the head and chief executive of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong. The Clerk is the principal adviser to the President of the Legislature on privileges and procedures. The Clerk's other responsibilities relate to the conduct of the business of the Legislature and its committees.

This is the List of Clerk of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong [ [ Meeting Minutes of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong] ]
* Mr Cletus Lau Kwok Hong
* Mr Ricky Fung Choi Cheung JP
* Mr Law Kam Sang
* Mrs Jennie Chok Pang Yuen Yee 1982-1986
* Mr Li Wing
* Ms. L. Tse 1974-1977
* Mrs Lorna Leung Tsui Lai Man 1978-1982
* Mr. Stephen Tam Shu Pui
* Mr Kenneth Harry Wheeler
* Mrs Lolly Tse Chiu Yuen Chu
* Mr Roderick John Frampton
* Mr Geoffery Cadzow Hamilton
* Mr. J.A.E. Bullock 1919
* Mr A. Dyer Ball 1918, 1922
* Mr R.F. Johnston 1900-1904 (acting 1899-1900)
* Mr. A.M. Thompson acting 1891-1892
* Mr J. Stewart-Lockhart acting 1884-1885
* Arathoon Seth 1885-1886, 1893-
* JM. Gutierrez acting 1886-
* SB B McElderry 1920, 1923, 1924-25
* WJ CArrie 1920
* JGT Buckle - Acting 1894-1896, 1897, 1898-1903 Clerk
* F J Badeley acting 1896-1897
* C Clemeti - acting 1900-1902, 1908, 1913
* AGM Fletcher 1905-1908 1912-1913, 1915-1917, 1920-1923, 1925
* RF Crofton 1907, 1911, 1913
* Mr M J Breen 1914

"Deputy Clerk" is the alternate to the Clerk during colonial times and was replaced by the role of the Secretary General [ [ Meeting Minutes of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong] ] :

* Mr Donald Barton
* Mr Andrew Macdonald Chapman
* Mr Ronald Thompson
* Mr R. Edwards
* Mr C. G. Burgess
* Mr. D.R. Holmes MBE MC

"Secretary General" is the alternate to the Clerk and replaced the former role of the Deputy Clerk: [ [ Meeting Minutes of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong] ]

* Mr Ricky Fung Choi Cheung JP
* Mr Law Kam Sang

"Deputy Secretary General" is the alternate to the Secretary General: [ [ Meeting Minutes of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong] ]

* Mr Law Kam Sang
* Ms Pauline Ng Man Wah

Other officers and officials provide further assistance to the Clerk's Office: [ [ Secretary General Secretariat] ]

* Assistant Secretary General
* Chief Council Secretaries (6)
* Senior Council Secretaries (8)
* Council Secretaries (3)
* Senior Legislative Assistants (2)
* Legislative Assistants (9)



Source: [ Official website of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong]

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