Alfredo M. Bonanno

Alfredo M. Bonanno

Alfredo M. Bonanno (born 1937) is an anarchist from Italy who has had a great impact on insurrectionary anarchism, writing essays such as "Armed Joy" (for which he was imprisoned for 18 months by the Italian government), "The Anarchist Tension" and others. He is an editor of "Anarchismo Editions" and many other publications, only some of which have been translated into English. He has been involved in the anarchist movement for over thirty years.

Regarding national liberation struggles, he said that anarchists:

…refuse to participate in national liberation fronts; they participate in class fronts which may or may not be involved in national liberation struggles. The struggle must spread to establish economic, political and social structures in the liberated territories, based on federalist and libertarian organisations. [Alfredo M. Bonanno, "Anarchism and the National Liberation Struggle", 1977]

Bonanno was one of hundreds of Italian anarchists arrested on the night of June 19 1997, when Italian security forces carried out raids on anarchist centres and private homes all over Italy. The raids followed the bombing of Palazzo Marino in Milan, Italy on April 25 1997. On February 2 2003 Bonanno was sentenced to 6 years in prison plus a €2000 fine (first degree 3 years, 6 months) for armed robbery and other crimes. These charges were related to the "Marini Trial", in which Italian anarchists were convicted of belonging to an eversive armed group whose ideological leader was Bonanno.


Some of Bonanno's published essays translated in to English include:

* "Anarchism and the National Liberation Struggle" (1976)
* " [ Critique of syndicalist methods; trade-unionism to anarcho-syndicalism] " (1977)
* " [ Armed Joy] " (1977)
* " [ Workers Autonomy] "
* " [ Strange Victories-Midnight Notes] " (1985)
* " [ From riot to insurrection; analysis for an anarchist perspective against post industrial capitalism] " (1988)
*" [ The Anarchist Tension] " (1998)


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* [ "The Anarchist Tension"] free audiobook from the Audio Anarchy project

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