Akiva (disambiguation)

Akiva may refer to:


*Akiba ben Joseph, a Judean tanna and the father of Rabbanical Judaism

*Akiva Eger, a Rabbi and Talmudic scholar

*Akiva Eldar, an Israeli journalist and author

*Akiva Goldsman, a screenwriter of movies

*Akiva Librecht, a member of the First Council in Petah Tikva, Israel

*Akiva Megrelashvili, an Israeli football player

*Akiva Schaffer, a television writer and comedian

*Akiva Tatz, a South African Jewish writer

Places And Things

*Bnei Akiva, the largest youth movement of religious zionists

*Or Akiva, a city in the Haifa district of Israel

*Nir Akiva, an Israeli settlement in North-Western Negev

*Yeshivat Akiva, a Jewish Modern Orthodox school in Southfield, Michigan

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