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caption=Infinity-Man from Forever People #2,
artist Jack Kirby
publisher=DC Comics
debut="Forever People" #1,
(February 1971)
creators=Jack Kirby (writer & artist)
real_name= - Astorr
- Drax
species=New God
formerly Apokolips
alliances=Forever People
powers=Super-strength, Invulnerability, Flight, Phasing, energy manipulation, magnetokinesis, 'Infinity-Beams', accelerated healing, teleportation, telepathy

Infinity-Man is a fictional character, an extraterrestial superhero published by DC Comics. Created by Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in "Forever People" #1, (February 1971).

Fictional character biography

Infinity-Man was a man named Astorr, a powerful warrior from another planet. Astorr came across Drax (Darkseid's brother) who was horribly burnt. After nursing Drax back to health, he died from old age. Before he died, Astorr was able to pass the role of Infinity-Man to Drax. It took Drax years of study before he was ready to assume the title of Infinity-Man. Drax (Infinity-Man) eventually came to serve Highfather on New Genesis, where he was acquainted with The Forever People and became a protector. Whenever Infinity-Man was needed, all the Forever People would touch the mother boxes and recite the word Taaru, thus tossing them into limbo until Infinity-Man returned the power to them.

Darkseid saw Infinity-Man as a threat and figured out a way to place him in another dimension, where Infinity-Man made a planet called Adon his home. The Forever People were able to free him from this prison. Devilance the Pursuer had a personal vendetta against the Forever People and especially the Infinity-Man. Devilance tracked down Infinity-Man and the two battled, which resulted in the island they were fighting on exploding. The two appeared to die, but Infinity-Man returned due to the effort of the Forever People and Maya to defeat Darkseid.

In DC's year-long weekly event, "Countdown to Final Crisis", and the monthly title, "Death of the New Gods", Infinity Man is suspected by Superman, Mr. Miracle, and Orion to be the mystery killer behind the recent deaths of the New Gods. However, the Mother Box used to summon him appears to have been destroyed and the Forever People murdered. Later it is revealed that Infinity-Man is, in fact, the killer of New Gods, posing as Himon to avoid detection, and collecting the dead gods' souls in a second Source Wall, surrounding the original one and preventing the slain gods to reunite with the Source.

Gog challenges him to battle as a "false god", Infinity Man teleports away mid-battle, not willing to deal with the powerful lunatic. His motive in killing the New Gods remains unclear, however he claims to be acting on behalf of the Source itself, revealed as the "good" half of an entity that previously encompassed the Source and the Anti-Life Equation, and his killing were aimed to reunite both aspects.

The "Source" itself, or at least the physical representation of it, appears to back his claimings, leading Infinity Man to battle Mister Miracle, now empowered with the Anti-Life Equation itself, near the Source Wall. Infinity Man then pushes Mister Miracle into battle, duping him to blast away the Second Wall, and letting the Source and the Anti-Life reuniting.

The fate of Infinity Man after this point is unknown, as the Source-entity euthanizes Mister Miracle and from now on uses Orion as a new agent.

Powers and abilities

* Seemingly limitless strength and endurance, invulnerability, flight, ability to "phase" through matter, vast energy and matter manipulation, magnetic powers, and "Infinity-Beams".
* In the relatively few comics Infinity Man appeared in, he portrayed many amazing abilities. He sums up his powers on his first appearance when he says that he comes from a place where all natural law bends. In the first issue of the Forever People, Darksied's minions have Superman pinned deeper and deeper into the ground with their power to transmit the gravity of the universe into one person. The Forever People summon Infinity Man, and he quickly and effortlessly throws them high into the air away from the area saying, "The answer to gravity is anti-gravity."
* In the Glorious Godfrey issue, Infinity Man infiltrates his tent by manipulating the ground's atomic structure so he can "swim through it like the blue sea." In the same issue, he is shot at with lasers from Apokolips, but Infinity Man just stops the lasers in mid shot and sends them back at the shooters. He has shown some form of advanced healing. When he faces Mantis, Infinity Man shows his manipulation powers again by changing the atomic structure of the ice he was trapped inside. In the same issue, he survives being touched with anti-matter and finally defeats Mantis with Infinity-beams; they effectively removed all of the energy from Mantis and he was defeated. Other powers include him fighting and defeating shadow monsters on Adon and telepathy. Despite this, he was defeated with supreme ease by Darkseid in the same issue, who separates him into the Forever People without difficulty.
* In one issue of Young Justice the hero known as Impulse took part in the Forever People's summoning, resulting in the manifestation of a somewhat immature and hyperactive version of the Infinity Man who displayed super-speed.

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