Pier 21

Pier 21 is a Canadian museum and National Historic Site in Nova Scotia's Halifax Regional Municipality.

Located in Halifax's South End in the Halifax Ocean Terminals, Pier 21 was used as a passenger terminal for trans-Atlantic ocean liners (ships such as RMS Aquitania) from 1928 until 1971. Liners docked at a long seawall wharf divided into Piers 20, 21, 22 and 23. The immigration facilities were located at Pier 21, although the term is often used to describe all the Ocean Terminal piers. Pier 21 was the primary point of entry for over 1 million immigrants and refugees from Europe, as well as the departure point for 496000 military personal Canadian troops during World War Two. The facility is often compared to Ellis Island and was known as the 'Gateway to Canada.'

From 1971 until the late 1990s, Pier 21 sat as little-used warehouse space, although the former immigration quarters did provide popular studio and workshop space for artists. The ocean liner pier itself became increasingly used as the Halifax Port Authority's cruise ship dock. John P. LeBlanc, the founding President of the Pier 21 Society (serving from 1991-1993), recognized the significance of the site in shaping Canada's history. Following in his footsteps was Ruth Goldbloom who became the vital force in raising the necessary funds and led the development of the project to fruition. In cooperation with the Halifax Port Authority, Pier 21 was re-opened as a museum in 1999 and was added to the List of national historic sites of Canada.

Its museum is dedicated to the thousands of people who passed through its doors. It also has an event venue which is used for large conferences and corporate annual shareholder meetings. US President, George W. Bush gave a speech at Pier 21 during his first official visit to Canada in December, 2004.

In 2007, Pier 21 was chosen as one of the "Seven Wonders of Canada" in a television competition run by the CBC.


* 1,000,000 immigrants
* 100,000 refugees
* 50,000 war brides and their 22,000 children
* 3,000 evacuated British children escaping World War II
* thousands of Canadian soldiers and aircrew who served in the European Theatre during World War II

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