List of fictional television shows

Below is a list of television shows that have been made up in real television shows or other media.

Fictional TV shows

"Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog"

*"Edgar Eagle"
*"Lifestyles of the Very Good" - parody of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" that is taken over by Robotnik in one episode and, over the course of said episode, is retitled "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted" and later "Lifestyles of Robotnik Only"

"Animaniacs" and "Pinky and the Brain"

*"Baloney and Kids" - parody of "Barney and Friends"
*"Gyp-Parody" - parody of "Jeopardy!" that Brain attempts to win at in one episode
*"Nobody Likes Home Movies" - briefly mentioned in the "Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain" episode "That's Edutainment!"


*"Meadowcroft" - soap opera watched by the cast (and made by students on work placements with Mersey Television). Meadowcroft was an original working title for the real Brookside.
*"The Magic Rabbits" - cartoon watched by Ducksy, Gizmo, Barry and Terry, although it has been widely claimed that 'we're watching the magic rabbits' was also a euphemism for consumption of psychedelics.


*"Road to Liberation" - a miniseries about Singapore set during World War II that the show's main characters are take part on as extras.

"The Day Today"

*"The Bureau" - soap opera set in a Bureau de Change
*"Attitudes Night" - a themed night on programmes on changing attitudes which included:
**"Hanging From Studio B12" - the last televised hanging on British television
**"Frampton Road" - the first drama to use swearing
**"Scrutineer" - a documentary documenting the rise of fellatio
**"Them Next Door" - parody of "Love Thy Neighbour"
**"Kiddystare" - parody of "Minipops"
*"Question Time: Live from Wembley Stadium" - Real programme but with an over the top venue.
*"Cam Fam" - documentary of a family with cameras implanted into their heads
*"Rok TV News" - a parody of MTV News
*"In The Dentists Chair" - documentary where Richard Branson was interviewed on the dentist's chair
*"John Fashanu" - documentary about the then Wimbledon FC footballer
*"Sorted" - public information film on what to do when your dad dies


*"That's My Boy" - racist TV show featuring Willie Coon as Cleophus
*"Better Homes and Plantations"
*"Runaway" - "COPS"-like show featuring runaway slaves
*"Leave it to Beulah"
*"Uncle Tom and Friends"

"Doctor Who"

*"Bear With Me" - reality show in which the contestants live with a bear, "Doctor Who" episode "Bad Wolf"
*"Bones & Kay" - kids show c. 2010 which coined the word "cruk" in the "Doctor Who" novel "Happy Endings"
*"Ghostwatch" - show reporting ghost appearances in the "Doctor Who" episode "Army of Ghosts
*"Nightshade" - homage to "Quatermass" in the "Doctor Who" novel of the same name.
*"The Passing Parade" - "Nationwide" - like current affairs show in the "Doctor Who" serial "The Daemons"
*"Professor X" - parody of "Doctor Who" itself in the "Virgin New Adventures" and "Eighth Doctor Adventures".
*A fictional version of "Doctor Who" itself mentioned in "Remembrance of the Daleks."

="Earthworm Jim"=

*"Lifestyles of the Rich and Villainous" - parody of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"


*"When the Whistle Blows" - Andy Millman's successful but critically panned sitcom (series 2).

"Family Guy"

*"Asian Girls like Tiny Things"
*"Battlestar Galactica Forum" - local access
*"Bobcat or Björk" - game show in which contestants must figure out if a three-second sound bite is comedian Bobcat Goldthwait or singer Björk Guðmundsdóttir.
*"Cheeky Bastard" - sitcom starring Brian and Stewie airing on PTV.
*"The Communists" - sitcom that features a family with Eastern European accents making puns about Communism
*"Daggermouth and Boom Boom" - Nickelodeon cartoon (Nicktoon)
*"Damn Nature, You Scary!" - BET nature show with running commentary by an excited but scared man.
*"Diane!" - local daytime talk show
*"douchebags" - "Jackass" parody airing on PTV.
*"Fast Animals, Slow Children" - FOX
*"Gumbel 2 Gumbel: Beach Justice" - cop drama starring Bryant Gumbel and Greg Gumbel.
*"Hitler" - Talk show staring Adolf Hitler
*"Homicide: Life on Sesame Street" - Peter's hallucination of "Bert" from Sesame Street as a homicide detective
*"Jolly Farm Revue" - BBC kids' show. Stewie travels to Europe to meet the show's supposedly jovial host, who is anything but in person.
*"KISS Forum" - local access talk show, host is the same as the Battlestar show (This show actually did exist on RI Public access.)
*"KISS Saves Santa
*"Midnight Q" - TV show hosted by Glen Quagmire airing on PTV.
*"My Black Son" - sitcom Peter made in his mind with Emanuel Lewis playing his son.
*"Quahog Creek" - show starring Peter Griffin and Carter Pewterschmidt. (parody of "Dawson's Creek")
*"The Real Live Griffins" - reality show
*"Robert" - "Everybody Loves Raymond" spin-off.
*"Rodney King of Queens
*"The Scooby-Doo Murder Files" - parody of "Scooby-Doo" cartoons
*"Sherry and the Anus" - inane sitcom
*"The Side Boob Hour" - a PTV show hosted by Peter Griffin
*"Two and a HALF men" - two men and the upper section of a man to form two and a half men, parody of "Two and a Half Men"
*"Who Wants to Marry Corky from Life Goes On?"
*"World's Sluttiest Dogs" - FOX TV

"The Flintstones

*"Beat the Sundial" - game show, a prehistoric version of "Beat the Clock"
*"The Ed Sulleystone Show" - variety show, a parody of "The Ed Sullivan Show"
*"The Happy Housewife" - a short-lived cooking show that starred Wilma Flintstone
*"Hum Along With Herman" - parody of "Sing Along With Mitch"
*"The Prize is Priced" - game show, a parody of "The Price is Right"
*"Peek-A-Boo Camera" - parody of "Candid Camera"
*"Shinrock" - a teen dance show, a parody of "Shindig!"
*"Superstone" - a superhero show
*"The Yogi Cave Bear Show" - a parody of "The Yogi Bear Show"; in the episode "Glue for Two", Fred Flintstone's irate reply to one character's attempt at wit is "If I want laughs, I'll call Yogi Bear!" Ironicially, Yogi and Boo-Boo made a cameo in one episode where they succeeded in stealing the Flintstones' picnic basket at a modern stone age version of Jellystone Park.


*"Hero Boy" (parody of "Astro Boy")


*"All My Circuits" - soap opera; parody of "All My Children"
*"Battle of the Network Space Krakens" - parody of "Battle of the Network Stars"
*"Beverly Hills, 90210 A.D."
*"Celebrity Ape Fight"
*"Cop Department" - parody of "COPS"
*"Date Night" - news show hosted by Morbo and Linda
*"Down Home Country Kitchen with Helmut Spargel" - cooking show
*"Entertainment and Earth Invasion Tonite" - news magazine show hosted by Morbo and Linda
*"The Essence of Elzar" - cooking show; parody of "Essence of Emeril"
*"Everybody Loves Hypnotoad" - title parody of "Everybody Loves Raymond"
*"Good Morning Earth" - morning news show hosted by Morbo and Linda, parody of "Good Morning America"
*"Iron Cook" - cooking show, parody of "Iron Chef"
*"Late Night with Humorbot 5.0" - parody of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"
*"The Real World: The Sun" - parody of "The Real World"
*"The Scary Door" - "Twilight Zone" parody
*"Single Female Lawyer" - 20th century show; parody of "Ally McBeal"
*"The Zombie Osbournes"
*"This is Crazy


*"Ask Me If I Care" - talk show hosted by Toast
*"Barry Ding Live" - parody of "Larry King Live"
*"The Confucious Group"
*"Convert or Die!"
*"Duets" - parody of "The Dating Game"
*"It's All Greek to Me" - parody of "Jeopardy!"
*"Matching Wits" - parody of "The Dating Game"
*"Miss Information and Company"
*"My Buddy Stalin"
*"Pepper's Pep Rally" - talk show hosted by Pepper Mills
*"Pop Quiz"
*"Strange Coincidences"
*"The Thomas Jefferson Program"
*"What's My Job?"

"Home Improvement"

*"Tool Time"
*"Cooking with Irma"
*"Knitting with Norm"

"The Jeffersons"

*"Bobbles, Bangles and Booboos" - Parody of "TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes"

"Kim Possible"

*"Agony County" - a soap opera that Kim and Ron were watching in "Bad Boy"
*"Evil Eye for the Bad Guy" - a fashion advice show for villains featured as one of the many shows that the main characters take part in when they are sucked into the world of cable TV in the episode "Dimension Twist"
*"The Fearless Ferret" - parody of the 1960s Batman series that was cancelled after two seasons as two of its actors spent most of their lives afterwards believing they were truly their characters
*"Pals" - another TV show featured in "Dimension Twist"
*"Monkey Island" - featured in "Dimension Twist"

"Late Night with Conan O'Brien"

*"60" - parody of 24, in which each episode is one second of a minute-long story
*"Blackberry Street Challenge"
*"Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory" - Vatican game show where three priests try to correctly state whether a celebrity will go to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory.
*"Man-Babies in Shopping Carts"
*"Out-Drink the Robot"
*"Pop Up Surprise" - A gameshow where the contestants are babies
*"Stackenblocken" - German game show where contestants have to arrange items on a dresser in right angles
*"Stereotypes on Dirt Bikes"
*"The Botchelor"
*"Yay/Boo the Bear"
*"Misplaced" - Parody of "Lost"

"Married...with Children"

*"Psycho Dad"
*"The New Adventures of Psycho Dad"
*"Psycho Mom"
*"You Can't Miss", a Dating Game-style show on which Bud appears. On the fictional game, the choosing bachelorette can go on a second date with the winning bachelor (in this case, Bud), or the show's residential hunk.
*"The Masculine Feminine"
*"Peas In a Pod" - satire of "Married... with Children" itself; Kelly auditions for a sitcom role, and the producers base the series on her reminiscences of her family life. "Peas In a Pod" is canceled after 'some woman in Michigan' initiates a boycott against its sponsors, parodying a real life (but unsuccessful) boycott against "Married... with Children."
*"Touchdown Trivia", a sports trivia game

"The Monkees"

*"The Captain Crocodile Show" - Children's program spoofing "Captain Kangaroo". (From the episode "Captain Crocodile"; oddly, this parallels Charles Nelson Reilly's later show "Uncle Croc's Block.")
*"The Dr. Sisters Show" - Psychiatric advice program (Hosted by Dr. Lorraine Sisters). From the episode "The Monkees Get Out More Dirt."
*"Frogman" - The Monkees perform a fantasy sequence spoofing the 1960s series "Batman" in the episode "Captain Crocodile".
*"Monkees Shopping Land" - Actually, a fictional TV network, spoofing "The Home Shopping Network" in their 1997 ABC-TV special "Hey, Hey, It's the Monkees."
*"Ted Hack's Original Amateur Hour" - Parody of "Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour" from the episode "Too Many Girls".
*"To Tell a Fib" - The Monkees spoof the game show "To Tell the Truth" in the episode "Captain Crocodile".
*"What's My Scene?" - The Monkees parody this spoof of game show "What's My Line" also in "Captain Crocodile".

"The Muppet Show" and "Muppets Tonight"

*"Bay of Pigs Watch" - parody of "Baywatch"
*"Bear on Patrol" - cop show starring Fozzie Bear
*"EIEIO-R" - parody of "ER"
*"Gonzo and Rizzo's Amazing Discoveries"
*"The Kermit the Frog Club", parody of "The Mickey Mouse Club". During her guest appearance on "Muppets Tonight", its revealed that Cindy Crawford was once a "frogkateer".
*"Muppet Match-Up", - parody of "The Dating Game". During her guest appearance on "Muppets Tonight", it is revealed that Michelle Pfieffer "appeared as a contestant".
*"NYPD Green" - parody of "NYPD Blue"
*"Pigs in Space" - parody of the original ""
*"Pigs in Space: Deep Dish Nine, The Next Generation" - parody of later "Star Trek"
*"Veterinary Hospital" - medical drama, title parodies "General Hospital"

"Murphy Brown"



*"Hearts and Scalpels"

"The Ren and Stimpy Show"

*"The Muddy Mudskipper Show"

"Robot Chicken"

*"America's Most Tragic Home Videos" - parody of "America's Funniest Home Videos"
*"A Day in the Life of the Olsen Twins"
*"Behind The Music: Electric Mayhem"
*"Dicks with Time-Machines (Also Heroes with Time-Machines)"
*"Golden Girls and the City" - Golden Girls/Sex and the City parody
*"The Real World: Metropolis"
*"Sabrina the Teenage Bitch" - parody of "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"
*"Senior Mutant Ninja Turtles" - "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" parody
*"Seth Green Power Hour"
*"The Six Million Peso Man" - "The Six Million Dollar Man" parody
*"The Surrealer Life" - "The Surreal Life" parody
*"Unsolved Case Files" - "Unsolved Mysteries" parody
*"Two Kirks, a Khan and a Pizza Place" - parody of "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place"
*"Who Poop Last?" - Japanese game show
*"The World's Most One-Sided Fistfights Caught on Film"
*"You Can't Do That on Robot Chicken"
*"Zombie Idol"

"Saturday Night Live"

*"A Visit with Former Vice-President Al Gore"
*"...and a Pizza Place" spinoff of "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place"
*"The Antonio Banderas, how do you say? Ah yes, Show"
*"Appalachian Emergency Room"
*"As World Turn"
*"Astronaut Jones"
*"The Barry Gibb Talk Show"
*"Behind The Music: The Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew"
*"Besos y Lágrimas" (Mexican telenovela)
*"Bullshit Aim
*"Brian Fellows: Safari Planet" - a kids animal show spoof starring Tracy Morgan.
*"Bronx Beat"
*"Channel 5 Late Night Movie" - spoof of WNEW-TV/WNYW New York's "Channel 5 (Metromedia) Late Movie", which isn't the same
*"The Céline Dion Show"
*"Christmas Time for the Jews"
*"Church Chat" with "The Church Lady"
*"Coffee Talk"
*"Consumer Probe" - Hosted by Candice Bergen.
*"Daily Affirmation" With "Stuart Smalley"
*"The Dark Side" with Nat X
*"Dry Eyes" - parody of "Jeopardy!"
*"The Falconer"
*"Fernando's Hideaway" - talk show hosted by actor Fernando Lamas (portrayed by Billy Crystal)
*"Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute"
*"Fugly Betsy" - ripoff of "Ugly Betty"
*"Good Hitting Police"
*"The Gym Teacher"
*"Hey, Remember the '80s?"
*"Hip Hop Kids"
*"Jackie Rogers Jr's $100,000 Jackpot Wad" - gameshow, parody of "Pyramid"
*"The Joe Pesci Show"
*"La Política Non Correcto" - Univisión talk show hosted by Ramón Díaz Rojo, mocking US Spanish language TV; parody of "Politically Incorrect" with Bill Maher
*"La Rivista della Televisione con Vinny Vedecci"
*"Let's Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk About the Movies"
*"The Little Richard Simmons Show" - Parody on "The Richard Simmons show" hosted by Little Richard (But acted like Richard Simmons)
*"The Local News"
*"Looks At Books"
*"Love Boat: The Next Generation" - TV show that combined "The Love Boat" and ""
*"Maraka" - parody of "Dora the Explorer"
*"Morning Latte"
*"Mister Robinson's Neighborhood" - parody of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood"
*"Night Passions" - Cinemax show
*"The Nude House of Wacky People"
*"Ohhhhh!" - gameshow
*"Opie's Back!" - Ron Howard parodies his Opie Taylor role as a adult in a update sequel to "The Andy Griffith Show"
*"OJ Today"
*"Perspectives" - Hosted by Lionel Osbourne.
*"Pretty Living"
*"The Prince Show"
*"Riley's Way"- "the best show in the history of The CW"; featured a former backgroung character who appeared on "Quantum Leap" (played by Brian Williams).
*"The Sarcastic Clapping Family of Southhampton"
*"Scottish Soccer Hooligan Weekly"
*"Showbiz Grande Explosión"
*"Simon" - BBC1 children's show
*"Spade in America"
*"The Tony Bennett Show"
*"Theater Stories"
*"Tunces the Driving Cat"
*"Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer"
*"Victims Of Sharkbite"
*"Wake Up Wakefield"
*"Wayne's World"
*"Weekend Update"
*"Who Can Figure Out Such Devices?"
*"Who Wants to Win a Roll of Pennies?"

"The Simpsons"

*"1895 Challenge" (reality show, parody of PBSs "The 1900 House")
*"A Connie Chung Christmas"
*"Admiral Baby"
*"Afternoon Yak" (women's talk show, parody of ABC's "The View")
*"All in the Family 1999"
*"All-Star Boxing"
*"America's Funniest Tornadoes" (Possibly a of "America's Funniest Home Videos" and a Fox style shockumentary)
*"America's Most Armed and Dangerous" (parody of "America's Most Wanted")
*"The Adventures of Gravey and Jobriath" (parody of "The Adventures of Davey and Goliath")
*"Animal Survivor"
*"Battling Seizure Robots" (Japanese cartoon that causes seizures, referencing the "Pokémon" episode "Dennō Senshi Porygon")
*"Behind the Laughter" (parody of "Behind the Music")
*"Ben" (talk show, hosted by Gentle Ben)
*"The Bohring World of Niels Bohr"
*"The California Prunes" (parody of "The California Raisins")
*"Carnival of the Stars" (parody of "Circus of the Stars")
*"Chop Shop'd", a parody of "Punk'd" in which a person's car is chop shopped
*"COPS in Springfield"
*"Curling for Loonies" - Canadian sports show, "The Bart Wants What It Wants" episode.
*"Dangerdog" - Parody of "Underdog"
*"Don't Go There" (parody of "Friends")
*"Do Shut Up" (British sitcom "Not hard to see why it's England's longest running series, and today, we're showing all seven episodes!")
*"¿Dónde Está Justice?", a Spanish show about law and order and justice, possibly a parody of Divorce Court
*"Edward the Penitent" (parody of "Edward the Confessor")
*"Ethnic Mismatch Comedy #644!"
*"Eye on Springfield" - local news magazine show
*" Eye on Eye on Springfield" - Shelbyville show highlighting the local news shows errors
*"Fart Date"
*"Frame Up"
*"The Gabbo Show" - afternoon kids' show
*"Grade School Challenge" - quiz show
*"Happy Smile Super Challenge Family Wish Show" - Japanese game show
*"Has-Been Celebrity Poker" (Parody of "Celebrity Poker Showdown")
*"Head Butts"
*"Hunks" (parody of "Studs")
*"I Can't Believe They Invented It!" - infomercial
*"It Never Ends" - soap opera (parody of "Days of our Lives")
*"The Itchy & Scratchy Show" - violent children's cartoon (parody of "Tom & Jerry")
*"Itchy & Scratchy & Friends Hour"
*"The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show"
*"Japanese Friends"
*"Jock Center" - sports program which once features Homer, always begins with three story titles that rhyme
*"Kidz Newz"
*"Knightboat", the crime-solving boat (parody of "Knight Rider")
*"The Krusty the Klown Show" (afternoon kids' show)
**"The Sideshow Bob Cavalcade of Whimsy" (name of the show when Sideshow Bob takes over)
*"The Laughter Family" (animated)
*"Law & Order: Elevator Inspectors Unit" (parody of the various spin offs of "Law & Order")
*"The Mattel and Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour"
*"McGarnigle" (cop drama), parody of gritty 1970s crime dramas such as Columbo or McCloud. Title could also be seen as a parody of many '70s dramas using the character's surname as a title, such as the examples given.
*"Me Wantee" ("America's favorite game show!", spoof of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?")
*"MTC: Monkey Trauma Center" (parody of ER with monkeys)
*"Municipal Roundtable" (local access)
*"No Pants Island"
*"Nookie in New York" (parody of "Sex and the City")
*"Thr Opal Show" (parody of "The Oprah Winfrey Show"
*"Padz" (parody of "MTV Cribs")
*"Pardon My Zinger" (British comedy)
*"Police Cops" (parody of "Miami Vice")
*"President Clown"
*"Promiscuous Idiots Island" (parody of "Temptation Island" "Welcome back to Promiscuous Idiots Island on Fox, the home of promiscuous idiots")
*"Radioactive Man" (campy 60s/70s superhero show, parody of "Batman")
*"Robot Rumble" (parody of Robot Wars, title parodies Rumble Robots [] )
*"Rock Bottom" (parody of "Hard Copy")
*"Search For The Sun" - soap opera whose title is suggested by "Search for Tomorrow"
*"Secrets of National Security Revealed"
*"Shut Your Gob" (British sitcom)
*"Smartline" (local news roundtable show, parody of ABC's "Nightline")
*"Soul Mass Transit System" (parody of "Soul Train")
*"Springfield Heights 9-2-1" (parody of "Beverly Hills 90210")
*"The Springfield Squares" (game show, parody of "Hollywood Squares")
*"Sumo Babies"
*"Talk to the Hand" (sitcom starring David Faustino)
*"Taxicab Conversations" (parody of "Taxicab Confessions")
*"That 30s Show" (parody of "That 70s Show")
*"Tied to a Bear" (reality show)
*"Toolin' Around" (parody of "Home Improvement")
*"Touch the Stove" (sadistic game show)
*"Tuesday Night Live" (parody of NBC's "Saturday Night Live")
*"Trans-Clown-O-Morphs"' (parody of "Transformers")
*"When Animals Attack Magicians" (parody of Fox's shockumentary, "When Animals Attack")
*"When Buildings Collapse" (parody of Fox style shockumentary)
*"When Dinosaurs Get Drunk" (parody of Fox style shockumentary)
*"When Surgery Goes Wrong" (parody of Fox style shockumentary)
*"Worker and Parasite" (aired on "The Krusty the Klown Show" when "Itchy and Scratchy" had temporarily moved to the then more popular "Gabbo Show") ("Krusty Gets Kancelled")
*"World Class Wrestling"
*"Ya Hoo!" (parody of "Hee Haw")


*"Jerry", the infamous self-parody of the show itself. A major plot point in Season 4 of "Seinfeld". Features all the characters of Seinfeld but played by different actors. It lasted for 1 episode.
*"Super Terrific Happy Hour", a Japanese television show that featured Jerry in the opening credits.


*"The People's Court" - is the highest court in the land in a Soviet-ruled America instead of a small claims court
*"Hanging with Mrs. Cooper"
*"The Fresh Princess of Bel Air"
*"Dragnet: The Next Generation"
*"Skipper's Island" (version of "Gilligan's Island", possibly in current production, on an alternate Earth in one episode - the Skipper was as "goofy" as Gilligan in the normal Earth)
*"Mighty Morphin Texas Rangers" (parody of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers")
*"Judgement Game" - is a game show where people are put on trial for crimes, including murder. The studio audience votes on guilt or innocence, and if found guilty, the defendant must choose one of three doors to win a "prize" (sentence). (Reference: "Dead Man Sliding")
*"Lipschitz Live!" - is a Jerry Springer style talk show. A large number of people on this alternate Earth are constantly watching this show. (Reference: episode titled "Lipschitz Live!")
*"Mindgame" - is a televised sports game similar to the game go, where the player must answer questions while holding a ball and prevent from being tagged. (Reference: episode "Eggheads (Sliders)")

"South Park"

*"Animals Close-Up with a Wide-Angle Lens" - television show created by Craig.
*"Animals Close-Up with a Wide-Angle Lens Wearing Hats" - television show created by Craig.
*"Chinpokomon" - a parody of "Pokémon"
*"Cop Drama" - a parody of all cop dramas.
*"Fat Abbott" - a parody of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.
*"Huntin' and Killin"' - public-access show hosted by Jimbo and Ned
*"Jesus and Pals" - a public-access talk show hosted by Jesus
*"The It-Cheek the Koala and Seek The Kangaroo Show" - Black Comedy & Gore children's cartoon, A parody of Tom & Jerry (Not for Little Kids, Babies & Big Babies).
*"Love Boat With Men" - gay-themed show on HBC, "South Park Is Gay!" episode
*"Not Without My Anus" - made for TV movie starring Terrence and Phillip, used in lieu of an episode of the show
*"Red Racer" - kids' show
*"Russell Crowe Fightin' Round the World"
*"The Terrence and Phillip Show" - vulgar children's cartoon and live-action show

"Super Mario"

* "The Adventures of Mighty Plumber" - Mario and Luigi's favorite show, seen in "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3"
* "All-Star Prehistoric Tag-Team Wrestling" - From "Super Mario World"
* "Mr. Koopa's Neighborhood" - Kids' show advertised by Bowser in "Super Mario World", parodying "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood"
* "Koopa Sez"' - Exercise program in "Super Mario World", used by Bowser to brainwash people into capturing the Mario Bros.


*"Anthrax Cat" - violence-laden children's cartoon.
*"Magical Truthsaying Bastard Spidey" - Unwanted Anime version of Spider Jerusalem's newspaper column in "Transmetropolitan"
*"The Sex Puppets" - futuristic version of "Sesame Street" in "Transmetropolitan"

"30 Rock"

*"The Girlie Show" or "TGS with Tracy Jordan"
*"MILF Island"

"Twin Peaks"

*"Invitation to Love" – a soap opera


*"********** Today"
*"Beat the Loan Shark"
*"Bowling for Burgers"
*"Celebrity Mud Wrestling" featuring Mikhail Gorbachev
*"Dog Racing from Rio de Janeiro "
*"Druids on Parade"
*"Eye On Toxic Waste"
*"Fun With Dirt"
*"Leave it to Bigfoot"
*"My Three Mutants"
*"Name That Stain"
*"Practical Jokes and Bloopers"
*"Raoul's Wild Kingdom" - sadistic animal show
*"Secrets of the Universe" - educational television hosted by the titular station's tech guy.
*"Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse" - bizarre kid's show hosted by man-child janitor Stanley Spadowski
*"Stay Fit! with Spike and Mike"
*"Strip Solitaire" - game show
*"That's Disgusting!"
*"The Flying Pope"
*"The Lice is Right"
*"The Young and the Dyslexic"
*"Those Darn Homos" (Deleted Scene)
*"Town Talk" - parody of daytime talk a la Geraldo Rivera and Jerry Springer
*"Uncle Nutzi's Clubhouse" - failing kids' show
*"Underwater Bingo for Teens"
*"Volcano Worshipper's Hour"
*"Wheel Of Fish" - parody of "Wheel of Fortune" and "Let's Make a Deal"
*"Wide World of Tractor Pulls"
*"Wonderful World of Phlegm"
*"You Bet Your Pink Slip"

"Ugly Betty"

First season Telenovelas:
*"Vidas de Fuego (Lives of Fire)" - A telenovela that is watched by the main characters.
*"Muchas Muchachas (Dancing Queens)" - Same as above; also watched by Wilhelmina Slater's housekeeper, Evelyn.Second Season Telenovelas:
*"Asesinato por Muerte (Murder By Death)"
*"Los Pecados del Corazon(Sins of the Heart)" Other:
*"Rise & Shine America" - Parody of "Good Morning America"; the show was used by Sofia Reyes to humiliate Daniel Meade after she tricked him into proposing marriage as part of an article she was doing in the episode "Sofia's Choice".


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  • List of fictional books from non-print media — False documents are a frequent device in literature. This is a list of fictional books that appear in television, movies, music, video games, and other non print media. Fictional books appearing in books are listed in List of fictional books.… …   Wikipedia

  • List of fictional institutions — This is a list of notable fictional institutions. Articles in this list must have received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject. Fictional institutions include:* List of fictional bands * List of fictional… …   Wikipedia

  • List of fictional dogs — This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. This is a list of fictional dogs from literature, films etc. (It also includes some… …   Wikipedia

  • List of fictional computers — Computers have often been used as fictional objects in literature, movies and in other forms of media. Fictional computers tend to be considerably more sophisticated than anything yet devised in the real world. This is a list of computers that… …   Wikipedia

  • List of television shows set in New York City — This page provides a partial list of television shows set in New York City.hows set primarily in the Five BoroughsLive format* The Ed Sullivan Show (1948 ndash;1971); known as The Toast of the Town until 1955 * The Milton Berle Show (1948… …   Wikipedia

  • List of fictional cats — A list of cats and other felines found in popular works of fiction. Legends, myths, folklore and fairytales* Bast (or Bastet), Egyptian goddess with the head of a cat; see also Sekhmet, Bast s guise as the goddess of felines * Maahes Egyptian… …   Wikipedia

  • List of fictional robots and androids — This list of fictional robots and androids is a chronological list, categorised by medium. It includes all depictions of robots, androids and gynoids in literature, television, and cinema; however, robots that have appeared in more than one form… …   Wikipedia

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