Underalls were a brand of undergarments for ladies marketed in the United States from their introduction in 1976 until the early 1990s. They were famous for being a combination of pantyhose and panties together, presumably to prevent panty-lines. They also had different variations, such as Slenderalls, Coloralls, Summeralls, and Winteralls.

Advertising and Packaging

The packages were easily recognizable by their cardboard cutout displaying the name of the product, which was shaped like a pair of buttocks. This was further recognizable at the end of their television ads when the cardboard cut-out would tilt back and forth one time (like someone's butt wiggling), accompanied originally by a 2-note doorbell, but later by two identical notes and by the last two notes of the song playing in the ad. River West Brands, a company that re-commercializes Iconic brands, owns the trademark for the Underalls brand and has licensed the brand to Phantom Industries (Toronto, Canada) in 2007. [http://www.riverwestbrands.com/news/RiverWest_Underalls_Announcement.pdf] Early TV ads were highly flirtatious for their time, featuring a well-built young woman uttering the phrase "Oh, I love my Underalls...'cause they make me look like I'm not wearin nothin'", or a voice saying, "Ladies of the world, show us YOUR Underalls!" One 1977 ad featured a pre-"Mindy" Pam Dawber.


Reportedly, one of the major downfalls women experienced while wearing Underalls and its counterparts were the increase of yeast infections, which, accompanied by the changes in attitudes of women when it came to dressing, lead to the demise of Underalls by the beginning of the 1990s.


* [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jVzjC7ZFv8 Underalls ad from 1981 on YouTube.]
* [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWMF-xEQ-yQ&feature=related Another Underalls ad from 1986.]


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