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Federal-style architecture occurred in the United States between 1780 and 1830, particularly from 1785 to 1815. The period is associated with the early Republic, and the establishment of the national institutions of the United States. This same period is associated with the motifs of furniture design, emulating similar design principles of the architectural period. The founders of the United States consciously chose to associate the nation with the ancient democracies of Greece and Rome. This was a deliberate and marked contrast with the Gothic style, which was used for many English public buildings and associated with feudalism. Federal style takes influence from the Georgian Neoclassical style, but differs in its use of plainer surfaces with attenuated detail; it was most influenced by the Adam style, an interpretation of Ancient Roman architecture fashionable after the unearthing of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The Bald Eagle was a common symbol used in this style, with the ellipse a frequent architectural motif. This style is also referred to by its era: Federal Period.

The style reflected the nationalist aspirations of the time. Its successor was the Greek Revival style.


Homes had balanced proportions and light-filled rooms. [cite book | author = |title = Passumpsic donates to historical society | publisher = the Chronicle | year = July 2, 2008]

Architects of the Federal period

* Asher Benjamin
* Charles Bulfinch
* James Hoban
* Thomas Jefferson
* Pierre L'Enfant
* Benjamin Latrobe
* John McComb, Jr.
* Samuel McIntire
* Robert Mills
* Alexander Parris
* William Strickland
* William Thornton
* Ammi B. Young

ee also

*Lyre arm


External references

*Craig, Lois A., "The Federal Presence: Architecture, Politics and National Design." The MIT Press: 1984. ISBN 0-262-53059-7.

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* [http://memorialhall.mass.edu/activities/architecture/coleman.html "Federal Style, 1780-1820 - Coleman-Hollister House]
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