Latin American Literary Review/Press

Latin American Literary Review/Press

Latin American Literary Review Press, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a non-profit organization made up of two entities: the Latin American Literary Review, a scholarly journal, and the Latin American Literary Review Press, which publishes English translations of Latin American literary works [ [ LALRP ] ] . Its website is located at

Contact Information

Latin American Literary Review/Press
P.O. Box 17660
Pittsburgh, PA 15235
Tel: (412) 824-7903
Fax: (412) 351-0770

Email: [ [ LALRP ] ]

Latin American Literary Review

Founded in 1972, the Latin American Literary Review is published bi-annually. It contains feature essays and reviews of recent literary works in Latin America and Brazil. It publishes articles in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese [ [ LALRP ] ] .

The most recent issue of the Latin American Literary Review was its January-June 2007 issue: Volume 35, Number 69.


Yvette E. Miller

Senior Consulting Editor
Debra Ann Castillo

Assistant Editor
Lisa Fedorka-Carhuaslla

Review Editor
Lucille Kerr

Assistant to the Editor and Webmaster
Ashley Nelson

Assistant to the Editor
Patrick Smith

Editorial Board
Carlos J. Alonso
Rebecca E. Biron
Sara Castro-Klaren
Rosemary Geisdorfer Feal
Anibal Gonzalez Perez
Elizabeth Horan
K. David Jackson
Amy Katz Kaminsky
Lucille Kerr
Stephanie Merrim
Randolph Pope
Rene Prieto
Kathleen Ross
Veronica Salles-Reese
Marcy Schwartz
Elzbieta Sklodowska
Candace Slater
Doris Sommer
Mary Beth Tierney-Tello
Nelson Vieira
Raymond Williams [Latin American Literary Review, Volume 35, Number 69]

ubscription Rates for 2008

Domestic Individual: $27.00
Foreign Individual: $36.00
Domestic Institutional: $49.00
Foreign Institutional: $51.00

Back Issues: $17.50 [ [ LALRP ] ]

pecial Issues

Hispanic Caribbean Literature, Issue No. 16
Edited by Professor Roberto González Echevarría

Gabriel García Márquez, Issue No. 25
Edited by Professors Yvette E. Miller and Charles Rossman

Brazilian Literature, Issue No. 27
Edited with Intro. by Professors Kenneth David Jackson and Yvette E. Miller

The Boom in Retrospect: A Reconsideration, Issue No. 29
Edited by Professors Yvette E. Miller and Raymond Leslie Williams

Latin American Literary Review
Special Anniversary Issue: 20 Years 1972-1992, Issue No. 40
Edited by Professor Carlos J. Alonso [ [ LALRP ] ]

Article Submission Guidelines

Send three hard copies of the article and one copy on a CD (using Microsoft Word versions 5.0 or higher, saved in Rich Text Format), and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Dr. Yvette Miller, Editor
Latin American Literary Review
P.O. Box 17660
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Note: Submissions should conform to the MLA Style Manual.

Articles that have been accepted for publication in the Review must be resent to the LALRP editorial offices completely proofread and ready for printing according to the following specifications:
* Only one space should follow periods and other punctuation

* Endnote numbers should be placed after parentheses, periods and other punctuation

* If available, the italicizing function should be used rather than the underlining function to designate foreign words, titles, etc.

* Paragraph and columns should be created with TABS or the paragraph offset function

* The article should be sent both in a printed version (three copies) and on CD, in Microsoft Word versions 5.0 or higher; diskettes should be sent in a protective mailing envelope with a label indicating the author's name and the name of the file(s) which contain the article

* Contributors are expected to subscribe

* The views expressed by the contributors do not necessarily represent those of the Editors [ [ LALRP ] ]

Review Submission Guidelines

The Latin American Literary Review is currently only accepting books on literary criticism for review. [ [ LALRP ] ]

Latin American Literary Review Press

Founded in 1980, the Latin American Literary Review Press publishes creative writing and literary criticism that has been translated into English. The press was created with the principal objective of familiarizing readers outside the field with Latin American literature [ [ LALRP ] ] .

Recent Titles

The Impostor by Rodolfo Usigli, translated by Ramón Layera
The Sharpener and Other Stories by Andrés Berger-Kiss
Chola by Mi-Chelle L. Rios
Chronicle of San Gabriel by Julio Ramon Ribeyro, translated by John Penuel
Memories of Underdevelopment by Edmundo Desnoes, translated by Al Schaller
Beer Cans in the Rio de la Plata by Jorge Stamadianos, translated by Leland Chambers
Clara by Luisa Valenzuela, translated by Andrea Labinger
The Cuban Mile by Alejandro Hernández Díaz, translated by Dick Cluster
The Island of Cundeamor by René Vázquez Díaz, translated by David E. Davis
The Medicine Man by Francisco Rojas Gonzalez, translated by Robert S. Rudder and Gloria Ajona
Musicians and Watchmakers by Alicia Steimberg, translated by Andrea Graubart
The Song of the Distant Root by Elizabeth Subercaseaux, translated by John J. Hassett
Strange Forces by Leopoldo Lugones, translated by Gilbert Alter-Gilbert
Sultry Moon by , translated by Patricia J. Duncan
The Tenth Circle by , translated by Andrea Labinger
This Eye That Looks At Me by Loreina Santos Silva, translated by Carys Evans-Corrales
To Die in Berlin by Carlos Cerda, translated by Andrea G. Labinger
ÜL: Four Mapuche Poets ed. Cecilia Vicuña, translated by John Bierhorst
Yo-Yo Boing! by Giannina Braschi [ [ LALRP ] ]


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