Ammuqa is located in Mandatory Palestine
Arabic عموقه
Also Spelled Amuka, 'Amuqa
District Safad
Coordinates 33°00′21.86″N 35°31′12.69″E / 33.0060722°N 35.5201917°E / 33.0060722; 35.5201917Coordinates: 33°00′21.86″N 35°31′12.69″E / 33.0060722°N 35.5201917°E / 33.0060722; 35.5201917
Population 140[1] (1945)
Area 2,574 dunums
Date of depopulation 24 May 1948[2]
Cause(s) of depopulation Military assault by Yishuv forces
Current localities Amuka

Ammuqa (also transliterated 'Amuqa and Amuka) was a Palestinian village, located five kilometres northeast of Safed.



Known locally for its seven springs, Ammuqa also enjoyed renown as the site of the sepulchre of Jonathan ben Uzziel. Rabbi Samuel ben Samson who travelled to Palestine in 1210 writes that the site was marked by "a great tree" where the local Muslim population made vows "to his glory" and gave votive offerings of oil and light. [3]

In 1517, Ammuqa was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire, and by 1596 it was under the administration of the nahiya ("subdistrict") of Jira, part of Sanjak Safad, with a population of 391. It paid taxes on wheat, barley, olives, beehives, vineyards, and goats.[4]

By 1944/45 the village had a total of 1,164 dunums of land allocated to cereals; while 195 dunums were irrigated or used for orchards.[5][6]

During the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, on the 24 May 1948, Ammuqa was assaulted by the Palmach's First Battalion, headed by Yigal Allon.[7]

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