Sugaring (epilation)

Sugaring is a method of hair removal that has been in use for thousands of years This ancient art goes back to 1900 BC when a hairless and smooth body was considered the standard of youth, beauty and innocence for women in Egypt. Today, this art has been revived because of new styles, sports and trends where smooth hairless skin is desired.Fact|date=April 2008

Two main methods exist. The Strip Method, uses a paper or fabric strip to remove the sugar (and hairs). This is very similar to waxing. The Hand Method, does not use any paper or fabric strips to remove the sugar, rather a flicking action is used by the therapist to remove the sugar and hairs.

Sugaring can be less painful because it only sticks to the hair (wax will also attach to the skin.) Nevertheless, as with other hair removal methods, there is some risk of skin irritation, sensitivity, or reaction. Though the process can leave a sticky mess, sugar is soluble in water and therefore sugaring involves a relatively easy cleanup with warm water.


Commercial Pre-made Sugar Paste is also sold under many brand names. Both profesional and retail versions are available.

Sugaring paste can be prepared with common household food items, such as sugar, lemon juice, honey or molasses. Getting the consistency correct takes some practice for most users.


With the strip method, the area to be epilated is typically dusted with powder prior to application of the sugaring solution, which is spread on with a spatula, tongue depressor, or by hand. After the sticky paste is applied to the skin, a strip of porous cloth or paper is pressed into the preparation. The strip is then quickly pulled away in the opposite direction of hair growth, taking hairs with it.

The hand method does not use strips of fabric or paper to remove the sugar paste (talcum powder is still applied). The paste is applied against the natural direction of growth and then flicked off with the hand in the natural direction of growth to extract the hair.

As stated earlier, sugaring is a natural form of hair removal. This process is made out of a paste that is made out of honey, sugar and lemon. Sugaring removes hair in the natural direction of hair growth and is a method that causes less pain, irritation and breakage. With sugaring hair as short as 1/16 of an inch can be removed thus lessening the wait for regrowth between treatments. This method also acts as an exfoliator for dry skin.

Facts about "Sugaring - Epilation"

Sugaring prevents burning of the skin, as it is applied at body temperature.Sugaring helps remove hair and dead skin cells as sugar does not stick to live skin cells.Since bacteria do not breed in sugar it is a more sanitary method of hair removal.Sugaring helps remove hair cleanly with less breakage or re-growth compared to other methods of hair removal.Sugar can be easily cleaned with water, thus there is no residual sticky feeling after sugaring.

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