Archbishop of Vienna

The Archbishop of Vienna is the prelate of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna who is concurrently the metropolitan bishop of its ecclesiastical province which includes the dioceses of Eisenstadt, Linz and St. Pölten.

From 1469 to 1513, bishops from elsewhere were appointed as administrators. The first bishop residing in Vienna was Georg von Slatkonia. From 1861 to 1918, the archbishops, as members of the Herrenhaus, were represented in the Reichsrat of Cisleithania and bore the title of a Prince-Archbishop.

Archbishop Joseph Ritter von Rauscher
The following men were
bishops or archbishops of Vienna
Name from to
Leo von Spaur 1469 1479
Johann Beckensloer 1480 1482
Bernhard von Rohr 1482 1487
Urban Dóczi 1488 1490
Mathias Scheidt 1490 1493
Johann Vitéz 1493 1499
Bernhard von Pollheim 1500 1504
Franz Bakocz 1504 1509
Johannes Gosztónyi de Felsöszeleste 1509 1513
Georg von Slatkonia 1513 1522
Petrus Bonomo 1522 1523
Johann von Revellis 1523 1530
Johann Fabri 1530 1541
Friedrich Nausea 1541 1552
Christoph Wertwein 1552 1553
Petrus Canisius (Administrator) 1554 1555
Anton Brus von Müglitz 1558 1563
Urban Sagstetter von Gurk (Administrator) 1563 1568
Johann Caspar Neubeck 1574 1594
Cardinal Melchior Klesl 1598 1630
Anton Wolfradt 1631 1639
Philipp Friedrich Graf Breuner 1639 1669
Wilderich Freiherr von Waldendorff 1669 1680
Emerich Sinelli 1680 1685
Ernest Graf von Trautson 1685 1702
Franz Anton Graf von Harrach 1702 1705
Franz Ferdinand Freiherr von Rummel 1706 1716
Cardinal Sigismund Graf von Kollonitz 1716 1751
Cardinal Johann Joseph Graf von Trautson 1751 1757
Cardinal Christoph Anton Graf Migazzi 1757 1803
Sigismund Anton Graf von Hohenwart 1803 1820
Leopold Maximilian Graf von Firmian 1822 1831
Vincenz Eduard Milde 1832 1853
Cardinal Joseph Othmar Ritter von Rauscher 1853 1875
Cardinal Johann Rudolf Kutschker 1876 1881
Cardinal Cölestin Joseph Ganglbauer 1881 1889
Cardinal Anton Joseph Gruscha 1890 1911
Cardinal Franz Nagl 1911 1913
Cardinal Friedrich Gustav Piffl 1913 1932
Cardinal Theodor Innitzer 1932 1955
Cardinal Franz König 1956 1986
Cardinal Hans Hermann Groër 1986 1995
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn 1995  

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