Women in (E)motion

Women in (E)motion

Infobox Album | Name = Women In (E)motion
Type = live
Artist = Ani DiFranco

Released = December 23, 1994
Recorded = March 7, 1994
Genre = Indie rock
Folk rock
Label = Tradition & Moderne
Producer = Petra Hanisch|

"Women In (E)motion" was an Import CD release by Ani DiFranco from 1994. [ [http://www.cdmail.fr/gb/affich_fich.asp?refcdm=CDM020366 Release date confirmation on French Mailorder Site] ] The set was recorded live at Schauburg in Bremen, Germany on July 8, 1994 for the Women In (E)motion festival series on Radio Bremen and released by Tradition & Moderne Records [ [http://tubious.com/women-emotion Release information from Tubious.com] ] . It has catalog #T&M105.

Track listing

#"Buildings and Bridges" – 3:19
#"Letter to a John" – 3:49
#"Face Up and Sing" – 2:43
#"Out of Range" – 3:35
#"Not So Soft" – 3:40
#"Lullaby" – 4:15
#"Asking Too Much" – 3:26
#"Sorry I Am" – 4:30
#"In or Out" – 3:04
#"If He Tries Anything" – 3:09
#"Blood in the Boardroom" – 3:25


*Ani DiFranco – Vocals, Guitars, Darbuka
*Andy Stochansky - Drums, Djembe


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