List of ancient Epirotes

:"This list refers to inhabitants of Ancient Epirus"


*Ambrax, Ambracia
*Echetus King of Epirus.
*Epirus (mythology),Theban,died in Epirus.
*Kallidike Queen of Thesprotians wife of Odysseus
*Tyrimmas, King of Dodona. His daughter Euippe made a child with Odysseus.

Aeacid dynasty

*Molossus son of Neoptolemus and Andromache
*Alcon the Molossian (6th century BC) suitor of Agariste of Sicyon
*Admetus of Epirus (ca. 490-470 B.C)
*Alcetas I (ca. 385–370)
*Neoptolemos I
*Arybbas (361/360-? ВС)
*Alexander I (?-330/329 BC)
*Alcetas II (313–307 ВС)
*Pyrrhus I (307-302 BC)
*Neoptolemos II (302-295 ВС)
*Alexander II of Epirus (272-255 ВС)
*Olympias II of Epirus
*Pyrrhus II
*Ptolemy of Epirus (238-231 ВС)
*Deidamia (?-231 BC)

In Macedon

*Amyntas of Tymphaia
*Attalus of Tymphaia
*Myrtale (Olympias) mother of Alexander the Great
*Cleopatra of Macedon
*Leonidas first teacher of Alexander the Great
*Arybbas (somatophylax)
*Polyperchon general and regent (of Tymphaia)
*Neoptolemus (general)
*Polemon of Tymphaia
*Pyrrhus of Epirus basileus of Macedon (288-285 BC (divided with Lysimachus) , 274-272 BC)
*Simmias of Tymphaia


*Sophron of Ambracia Stadion, Olympics 432 BC [Chronicon (Eusebius), Diodorus [] ]
*Arybbas of Epirus Tethrippon Olympics 344 BC [ [ JSTOR: Neoptolemus at Delphi: Pindar, "Nem." 7.30 ff] ]
*Tlasimachus of Ambracia Tethrippon and Synoris Olympics 296 BC [Phlegon of Tralles,Olympiads-> [] ]
*Simacus (son of Phalacrion) Thesprotian 3rd-2nd c.BC Pancratiast, Epidauria (fined) [ [ Arete: Greek Sports from Ancient Sources by Stephen G. Miller] ] [Epidauros — [ Epigraphical Database] ]
*Alcemachus (son of Charops) Diaulos (~400-metre race) Panathenaics 194/3 BC
*-tos (son of Lysias) Chaonian ,Pale(wrestling) Panathenaics 194/3 BC [Attica — Athens:— [ Epigraphical Database] ]
*Antipater of Epirus Stadion Olympics 136 BC [Chronicon (Eusebius) [] ]
*Andromachus of Ambracia Stadion Olympics 60 BC [Chronicon (Eusebius) [] ]


*Epigonus of Ambracia 6th c.BC musician , inventor epigonion instrument
*Nicocles of Ambracia auletes
*Hippasus of Ambracia tragic actor hypocrites


*Silanus of Ambracia seer in Xenophon's Anabasis
*Pelignas chef, sacrificer sent by Olympias to Alexander [Athenaeus
Deipnosophists- [,M1 14.78 659F]


*Philagrius of Epirus 3rd c. AD


*Molossian Tharyps - Chaonian Doropsos - Thesprotian Petoas,Simakos - Admatos from Poionos - Skepas,Aristodamos from Cassopea - Dioszotos from Pandosia - Schidas of Artichia -Phorbadas , Timogenes of Ambracia -Geron son of Aristodamos [IG IV²,1 95 col I.1 line 25] [Alternatives to Athens: Varieties of Political Organization and Community in Ancient Greece [ page 247] by Roger Brock, Stephen Hodkinson ISBN 0198152205 ] (Epidauros 365 BC)


*Philetas of Dodona Tragoedus ca. 400-375 [Epeiros — Dodona — ca. 400-375 BC [ Epigraphical Database] ]
*Epicrates of Ambracia comic poet 4th c.BC
*Pyrrhus of Epirus memoirs and books on military,mechanics and siegecraft [Athenaeus Mechanicus, by David Whitehead, P. H. Blyth [] ]
*Nicolaus of Epirus Tragoedus winner in Delian festival 279 BC [Delos — [ Epigraphical Database] ]
*Glaucus of Nicopolis epigrammatic poet of Greek Anthology []


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