List of Wars involving Greece

This is a list of wars fought involving Greece and Greek states between 2800 BC and 2005:

Prehistoric Greece

* (possible) invasion of Crete from Anatolia (1700 BC)
* Invasion of Crete by Mycenaeans (1420 BC)

Bronze Age

Greek Dark Ages

Ancient Greece

Hellenistic Greece

Roman Greece

Byzantine Empire

* Iberian War (526-532)
** Battle of Dara (530)
** Battle of Callinicum (531)
* Vandalic War (533-534)
** Battle of Ad Decimum (533)
** Battle of Tricamarum (533)
* Gothic War (535-554)
** Battle of Taginae (552)
** Battle of Mons Lactarius (553)
* Byzantine-Arab Wars (634-717, 800s-1025, 1169)
** Battle of Yarmouk (636)
* Roman-Persian Wars (92 BC-627)
** Battle of Nineveh (627) (627)
* Muslim conquests (632-732)
** Battle of Syllaeum (677)
* Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars (680-1355)
** Battle of Anchialus (917)
** Battle of Pliska (811)
** Battle of Kleidion (1014)

Ottoman Greece

* Battle of Vromopigada (1780)

Modern Greece

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