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first_aired = April 22 2008
last_aired = July 1 2008
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The "Fourth Cycle of Australia's Next Top Model" is an Australian reality television program which premiered on April 22 2008 on the Australian subscription television channel FOX8. Auditions were held during October and November 2007 across Australia, searching for the next "Top Model" of Australia. This series is hosted by previous host Jodhi Meares along with judges Alex Perry and Charlotte Dawson. The contestants were housed in an $8 million waterfront mansion, located in the southern Sydney suburb of Port Hacking, which the contestants moved into on January 25 2008. [cite web |url= |title=Glamour comes to shire for TV show |accessdate=2008-02-06 |author= |date= January 31 2008 |work= |publisher=St George & Sutherland Shire Leader]

13 models were eventually chosen to compete in the series. Each week being judged by Jodhi, Alex and Charlotte, as well as two guest judges. The winner will be decided in a live finale in July, where viewers will once again be able to be involved with deciding the winner. This season, the prizes for the winner include representation by modelling agency [ Priscilla's] for 12 months, a Ford Fiesta Zetec, a contract as the face of Napoleon Perdis cosmetics, an all expenses paid trip to New York to meet top international agencies and eight-page spread with "Vogue Australia". [cite web |url= |title=Australia's Next Top Model 4 |accessdate=2008-06-17 |publisher=Throng]

On July 1, 2008, Demelza Reveley was decided as the winner of the cycle over 20 year old Alexandra Girdwood.

List of episodes

Are You Model Material?

"'Original Airdate: April 22, 2008

Thirteen girls arrive and are left together to stew in a waiting room. The girls are called in two at a time to a darkened room to meet the series judges.

The girls talk a bit about themselves and then change into Tigerlily bikinis as Jonathan tells them the rules of the flesh-coloured g-string being a ticket to ride to any photo shoot.The girls show the judges their bodies, Demelza and Caris are called Jelly Botties by Charlotte Dawson, then Alex Perry gets out the measuring tape to tell them the need to trim down a bit in the hips and thighs. Alexandra walks like she's on an angle and kooky country girl, Belinda reveals that she's never worn heels before... and it shows.

The girls go to the house and are staggered at how extravagant it is, until they see the goodies on their beds! They have to make up five house rules in addition to Jodhi's rules, and then Jodhi appears on a screen to warn them about the next days challenge.

The challenge is the Foxtel promo shoot with each girl in a kind of Bond-esque spy girl role. Highlights are Belinda's stack as she falls off the stage into the blue screen, Alamela's school-girl ninja who is about as frightening as a sleepy hamster, and the behind the scenes bitching. It's apparent that Rebecca, Demelza & Alyce, assisted by Kristy and Jamie, are bitching about Belinda and Alamela. Alexandra is also revealed as not being a fan of the baby talking Alyce.

Alyce does a great job at the promo shoot and is given immunity from elimination.

Back at the house, there's an incident in one of the bathrooms that has the 'bitchketeers', Alyce, Bec & Demelza, waking up Belinda and Alamela at 12am.

The photoshoot is for Vogue and Kristy Clements is surprisingly taken by Belinda, who takes a chance to talk to her and makes an impression with her "word-vomit." In the end Kristy likes Belinda! It's a group shot and Emma & Kamilla fail to deliver.

There's a big row in a house meeting when the bitchketeers attack Alexandra for being snooty.Alexandra agrees she is, and she's not about to change, which takes the wind out of their sails.

At elimination, the girls have to nominate who they think who will be the top 3 girls.Alyce doesn't think her friend, Rebecca will, which pleases Alex Perry. Belinda doesn't name herself as she thinks she's still learning. The bottom 2 wind up being Emma and Kamilla and Kamilla is eliminated, much to her shock as she thought she was a strong contender to win.
*Bottom two: Emma O'Sullivan and Kamilla Markowska
*Eliminated: Kamilla Markowska
*Featured photographer: Fabrizio Lipari & Jason Capobianco
*Special guests: Kirsty Clements, Priscilla Leighton-Clarke, Jason Capobianco, Victoria Collison.

Transformation - from Girls to Models

"'Original Airdate: April 29, 2008

The girls receive a Jodhi Mail in a box of butterflies, which is opened by Rebecca. Strangely, she is scared of them as she says "they're like birds," which is her phobia. The message clearly implies that it's makeover day using the metaphor of butterflies produced by metamorphosis by the caterpillar. They head to Mahogany for their haircuts. The most radical changes are Leiden, who goes from brunette to bleach blonde including her eyebrows, which Jonathan compares to caterpillars. All the girls seem reasonably happy, except for Caris who cries because they've returned her to her childhood auburn colour. But on arriving home, Alexandra complains that her hair is the same style as last year, and afterwards moans in a phone-call to her boyfriend that she does not want a repeat of style.

Her annoyance continues the next day as the girls prepare to walk the catwalk on HMAS Melbourne to an audience of sailors and argues with Jonathan (who tells her to 'deal with it'). The catwalk runs quite well, although Belinda confesses that without her glasses, she could have walked overboard. Demelza wins the Navy Favourite award by being cheeky (following instructions given by Jonathan) and even flashing her underwear. However, Alexandra wins the judges' prize for the best walk. So the arch enemies are joint reward winners, sharing in an eleven thousand dollar shopping spree.

They put their differences to one side, apart from making sure they get equal shares of the money. On the way home, they put their four least favourite items, three tops and a skirt, in a bag to give to the other girls. Leiden finds this hilarious, four items between them and then reveals how she loves to see the other girls suffer. A Jodhi Mail wakes them from their jealous doze revealing that a photoshoot awaits, and they guess it's a beauty shot.

The girls arrive to find that it's not only a beauty shot, but that it's for the Napoleon Perdis, who imports some of his wisdom to each girl before they settle into their shoot for their photographer for the day, Jackie Miering. The girls have to pose with a mist of water spraying onto them. Alamela fails miserably, Napoleon saying that "it's like she drowned." Also, to the annoyance of most of the other girls, Napoleon gives Alamela a second chance, which she gratefully takes. Besides Alamela, Demelza doesn't do well in the photoshoot too, and Kristy is upset that Napoleon tells her she has a "lazy eye".

The next day was Leiden's 19th birthday. The over-18 girls party at the yacht club, whilst the underage girls prepare a pirate themed party at the house. When the older girls arrive, they trash the party with Leiden leading a food fight causing Demelza to feel less than impressed.

Napoleon and Jackie are guest judges and there's a lively deliberation, with several zingers from Alex (Perry) and Napoleon. Kristy lands in the bottom 2 due to not being 'photogenic' and Belinda for being too kooky and for not entirely focusing on the competition. In the end, Kristy is eliminated and is upset that it wasn't Alamela who was eliminated since she got more shots than the other girls.

*Bottom two: Kristy Coulcher & Belinda Hodge
*Eliminated: Kristy Coulcher
*Featured photographer: Jackie Mieling
*Special guests: Napoleon Perdis, Jordan Loukas, Stephanie Hart

Fears & Fitness

"'Original airdate: May 6, 2008

The girls are gobsmacked (amazed) to see Olympic Champion and fashion designer, Ian Thorpe arrive at the jetty behind their house. He's carrying a Jodhi Mail and the girls have to undergo a fitness session with Amazon fitness trainer, Emma, as Thorpe and Jodhi look on. A punching bag session has Leiden regretting two years of laziness and a swimming race sees her vomiting. The girls then do "the plank" and Alamela amazes everyone with her steely core strength. Caris cries when Ian criticizes her.

A shopping trip reveals Alyce to be thick-skinned and manipulative. Demelza helps her to buy a pair of shoes the same as she herself is buying and then Alyce shows hers off first.

The next day the girls have to face their fears by posing with their biggest phobias at a standing parade for Rexona. Leiden freaks at the thought of posing with Edward Scissorhands, Caris copes with a fear of snakes, Alamela deals with a clown, and Rebecca overcomes her bird phobia. Emma reveals that her public speaking skills leave something to be desired, and Belinda proves not much better. Rebecca and Caris are declared joint winners of the phobia challenge and are rewarded with a trip to the David Jones Fashion parade as well as a meeting with supermodel Megan Gale after her final catwalk appearance. Meanwhile, back at the house, Alyce hits her boyfriend up for more money in a phone call.

The photoshoot is for Mary-Kyri shoes, with the girls posing up a wall, suspended from a safety harness. Alyce goes first, and then refuses to give Demelza any tips on what to do or how it feels like. Demelza is increasingly at loggerheads with Alyce. Most of the girls excel, particularly Leiden, Alamela and Alexandra. Emma struggles, as does Belinda, and Caris regrets her decision to put the harness on so she can go down face first. Her tears flow easily again, and she wonders if she'll go at elimination.

At elimination, the challenge is of posing on a pole and it helps the judges decide the outcome, as Belinda, Emma and Samantha pretty much flop.

The deliberation makes it plain that Caris is saved by her photo, but the bottom 2 has a surprise as Leiden joins Emma. Ironically, Leiden's self-doubt has the judges doubting that she can overcome her self-doubt. But she survives; Emma is eliminated and tips Demelza as the winner.

*Bottom two: Emma O'Sullivan & Leiden Kronemberger
*Eliminated: Emma O'Sullivan
*Featured photographer: Simon Upton
*Special guests: Ian Thorpe, Simon Upton, Peter Morissey, Megan Gale, Mary Kyri, Emma Hutton

Reality Bites

"'Original airdate: May 13, 2008

Jonathan Pease surprises the girls at home to tell them it's crunch time, that they're on their own this week; the girls have to do everything for themselves. Their nervousness is not helped as they arrive at the lesson to find catwalk Queen Mink and uber important industry stylist, Trevor Stones waiting to assess their model walks. Alexandra is devastated by the feedback she's given, made a thousand times worst by Demelza getting the most-improved-on-the-day -and-most-likely-to-succeed plaudits.

Back at the house, Demelza water-bombs Alamela, then tips water over her head, all in an alleged attempt to make her react and to "understand" her. Alamela professes she's glad the girls now understand she's not fake.

Next day, Jodhi and Priscilla Leighton-Clarke send the girls on go-sees to Marnie Skillings, Bowie Wong and Nicola Finetti. The girls are arranged into groups and pretty soon, all three teams are soon running late and the only girl that really impressed the designers was Alyce. She wins the challenge and is rewarded with a photoshoot in 'Body and Soul' magazine, along with her chosen friends to share the reward, Demelza and Rebecca.

The losers have to walk in heels on the treadmill as they watch Alyce, Demelza and Rebecca aka 'the Bitchketeers' being made up for their photoshoot in the glam backyard of the model house. Alexandra leads a group moon at them from the balcony and makes the bitchketeers photos in better, making them giggle and laugh. Then, Demelza, Bec and Alyce turn on Alamela as she does her treadmill walk, she fights back, making the tension rise even higher.

The photoshoot is for Alex Perry's look book. Belinda really struggles and Alamela is too small for the size eight sample size. Rebecca is delighted to overhear Trevor Stones and Alex Perry say that Alamela is too small, something she can use against Alamela later. Demelza is terrified she won't squeeze into a size eight, but she does, and impresses to the extent that she, Alyce and Alexandra are kept back for extra shots.

After they arrive home, Demelza gleefully tells Alamela that she wore her dress for the re-shoot. Demelza overhears Alamela passing on a comment saying that Demelza needs to lose a few pounds. Rebecca kicks in with her "too thin" comment after Alamela then comments about how she thought Rebecca's shoot went "Badly". It turns into a full blown fight, leaving Alamela in tears and Demelza happy for the "reaction."

The 'Bitchketeers' are punished at elimination, Charlotte christening them the "Dapto Dogs". Belinda and Rebecca land in the bottom two, and Belinda is sent packing.

*Bottom two: Belinda Hodge & Rebecca Jobson
*Eliminated: Belinda Hodge
*Featured photographer: Georges Antoni
*Special guests: Priscilla Leighton-Clarke, Bowie Wong, Marnie Skillings, Nicola Finetti, Mink Sadowsky, Trevor Stones, Laura G, George Antoni.

Working the Brand

"'Original Airdate: May 20, 2008

Demelza apologizes to Alamela for her behaviour the previous week, but Alamela is unimpressed. It's a new beginning and the girls are getting coffee when a motorcycle towing a huge Jodhi mail arrives. Yes, it's all about selling the brand. The girls meet Jonathan and the team at 'Naked Communications', and the girls are put through their paces about their favourite designers and their understanding of the brand. In a revealing role-playing exercise, Alamela impresses as Chanel, complete with a french accent and mannerisms, Leiden is a punk pom as she embodies Vivienne Westwood. Caris breaks down after failing to impersonate Alexander McQueen, and while Alyce understands the concept behind John Galliano, she can't get into character. Demelza's efforts to embody Gucci is deemed as 'terrible' by the judges.

The girls head to a car park to be photographed with the series winner's prize, the Ford Fiesta Vetec. Each girl is dressed as the brand they wanted to embody in the lesson before. It's revealed that all the other girls regard Samantha as a whinger, something she doesn't seem to be aware of herself. Most of the girls struggle with the shoot, except for Leiden, who demonstrates an unusually imaginative effort that earns praises from all the judges. The trio who struggle the most are Rebecca, Samantha and Caris, forcing Charlotte to describe them as "three bored broads lying on a Ford." Leiden and her group, consisting of Alexandra and Demelza win the challenge!

They arrive home to find care packages from their loved ones. Most of the girls cry, as it's a reminder of how long they've been away from home. Samantha cries because she's got no letters, just cuddle toys from her Mum. The other girls think she should be grateful.

Leiden, Alexandra and Demelza fly to Brisbane as their prize for winning the challenge, then a limo ride to appear in a fashion parade at Myer, and finally a fancy lunch in Brisbane.

The girls read a Jodhi mail on a computer, "a picture is worth a thousand words." The girls go off to 'NIDA' to appear in a Kotex commercial for tampons, the controversial "love your beaver" campaign. However, the 'beaver' reference is lost on most of the girls. In the advertisement, Jamie and Sam deliver the best performances, and Caris also impresses. Leiden, Alyce, Demelza and Alamela deliver weaker performances. Jonathan pulls a prank on Demelza, where she is ordered to kiss the male model. Demelza reveals that she has never been kissed. Her awkwardness results in many failed takes, but she finally succeeds in the task. Immediately afterwards, Jonathan reveals that it was all a joke. Demelza's consequent final take for the ad is cold and distinctly pissed off.

The girls are critiqued on their efforts at elimination. Jamie's ad is deemed the best, while Sam is praised for her sophisticated on-camera persona. Alyce is advised to find better channels for her energy, while Demelza is criticised for her bitchy air. Alamela's performance is awkward and unconvincing. Alyce and Alamela are deemed to be the bottom two and Alamela is eliminated.

*Bottom two: Alyce Crawford and Alamela Rowan
*Eliminated: Alamela Rowan
*Featured photographer: Marvin Joseph
*Special guest: Peter Morissey

Move Your Body

"'Original Airdate: May 27, 2008

The day starts off with a cry of "dance people" as the models discover their backyard is full of acrobatic dancers. The Jodhi mail they deliver tells the girls they need to learn how to move their bodies. Yes, it's a dance episode and off the girls go to get into tutus for some ballet and other costume changes for hip-hop and vogueing. Jamie, the most dance saavy, impresses and has fun. Rebecca shows her ghettoness with the hip-hop and Leiden shows that she hates doing girly dancing. She cries and then the girls are teamed to rehearse their own dance routine to show the judges at elimination. Alexandra is teamed with Leiden, and in Alex's lovely way, tells Leiden that she's on a way lower dance level then herself, no offense. Well, Leiden's offended!

The girls go off to parade to the Potbelleez playing live at a Levi's promotion. They are rehearsed, and Jamie and Alyce show that they have all the right moves, impressing Charlotte and Jodhi. Demelza is "so white" and a bit uncoordinated, but again, it's Leiden who disappoints, looking grumpy, and making Jodhi feel that she's rude and disrespectful. Jamie and Alyce win the challenge - the chance to be in a Sony music video with Seany. B. Samantha and Rebecca are the friends to share in the reward.

When they arrive to meet Seany. B, the losers discover that they'll be the flying lips in the video, something that requires them to have the bottom half of their faces painted green. While the girls were getting their faces painted Alyce and Rebecca insisted on having a little fun as saying things like Kermit and don't turn into the hulk now to Demelza. Demelza didn't like this at all. Everyone has fun, especially Rebecca and Alyce who disappear into Seany. B's dressing room along with him and do not allow any cameras in. Alyce said that Seany B tried to kiss her yet stopped when she said she had a boyfriend.

Alexandra reveals that she's been making carb loaded muffins to tempt the other girls to put on weight. Rebecca and Alyce are particular culprits, playing right into her hands. "Eat my pretties," she chuckles into the camera... well, it is a competition after all!

The photo shoot is for pyjama king, Peter Alexander, with top photographer, Juli Balla. They have to pose with male models, including the one who shared Demelza's first kiss last week.

Juli is appalled to discover that Alexandra has collagen lips, describing it as a tragedy. Peter is so upset by Rebecca's lack of ideas that he storms out. Tears follow led by Rebecca. Jonathan makes a comment about Alyce wearing out the male models due to her stacking on the kilos.

The dancing at elimination has the judges in stitches, with Peter Alexander coming up with the quote of the day. Then, shock horror, it's revealed next week that the girls will be overseas but there is only six tickets for eight girls. Leiden, Alyce and Jamie land themselves in the bottom three. Leiden, for her bad attitude towards things, Jamie, for not living up to her performance that she set at the start of the week and Alyce, for stacking up the kilos. Jamie and Leiden are eliminated in a flood of tears produced by all the girls.Jodhi also announces that their destination will be somewhere, beautiful and tropical, later revealed in the preview as Fiji.

*Bottom three: Alyce Crawford, Leiden Kronemberger and Jamie Lee
*Eliminated: Leiden Kronemberger and Jamie Lee
*Featured photographer: Juli Balla
*Special guest: Peter Alexander

Tropical Top Model

"'Original Airdate: June 3, 2008

The post elimination status report on the final six reveals that Demelza is unimpressed by Alyce. Alyce thinks Alexandra is sneaky for making the carb-loaded muffins, and Alexandra thinks the girls are easy pickings as they can't control their eating. Caris is happy with her battle with her body shaping efforts and thinks that thanks to eating well and exercising, her and Alyce have swapped hip measurements. And now it's off to Fiji, with Jonathan setting the girls to work straight away with a catwalk down the aisle of the aeroplane. The girls then arrive in Fiji and the excitement is too much to bear for Alyce, who thinks the sight of a big cow walking along the road is worth screaming about. Their resort accommodation impresses them hugely and for once, it seems differences are forgotten as they toast their achievement at making it to Fiji.

It's back down to earth the next day as Jonathan introduces them to photographer, Chris Ferguson, and Jonathan reminds them that if they don't do well, they'll be in the bottom two at elimination. The stress causes Alyce to pose, when Chris had stressed that posing is very different from modelling. She continually arches her back and looks very awkward. Rebecca also struggles, as always, to be creative on her own. Demelza, Alexandra and Samantha all show determination to do well, their competitive streaks emerging in the Figi humidity. Caris cries... again... this time over a Jonathan critique that tells her, exercising on the treadmill for fifteen minutes is hardly impressive. Caris then wins the challenge, much to Demelza's annoyance.

Caris takes Alex on her reward, a day in the spa, while the rest of the girls have to clean the resort. Rebecca shows her princess side as she washes dishes and clothes as if she's never done either of them, or even witnessed anyone else do it before. They then jump into the pool in their housemaid uniforms.

The next day they head out to a tiny island for a bikini shoot with photographer, Russel James and client, Tigerlily. Yes, host Jodhi Meares arrives by seaplane to supervise the girls modelling her designs. Again, Russel finds Rebecca needs a lot of work to get the shot, while Demelza, Alexandra, Samantha and Caris work hard to win over Russel and Jodhi, and even more importantly, get them that shot to guarantee they don't end up in the bottom two at elimination. Alyce again finds it hard to relax, her back arching like a bow into contrived poses everytime Russel lifts his camera to his eye. Caris is the big surprise, getting a good swimwear shot in spite of her body issues.

Back in Australia, the elimination space looms large with only six girls remaining. The deliberation has the judges loving Alexandra, Caris, Demelza and Sam, and Russel calls Alyce cheap, much to Alex Perry's surprise! Alyce lands herself in the bottom two once again but this time, with best-friend, Rebecca. In the end, Rebecca is sent home and Alyce is spared for the third time.

*Bottom two: Alyce Crawford and Rebecca Jobson
*Eliminated: Rebecca Jobson
*Featured photographers: Chris Ferguson and Russell James
*Special guest: Gail Elliott

Fashion Wars

"'Original Airdate: June 10, 2008

It's ANTM Fashion Week!The girls receive a Jodhi mail that contains worded T-shirts which spells out "Prepare to Know Your Fashion". The final five have just worked this out when Jodhi herself arrives with Brazilian stylist and writer, Fernando Frisoni, to help the girls with their fringle fashion. Alexandra scores big even though Fernando finds her shoes "a little too lesbian", but Caris bombs - "the bag is wrong, the singlet is wrong, the sunglasses are wrong, everything is wrong" and "it's awful". Understandably, Caris struggles to find the positives. He gives her some pointers and then Jodhi sends the girls to the High Fashion temple, Vogue. Editor Kirstie Clements grills the girls of their fashion knowledge,with only Alexandra and Demelza able to make any impression on the high prietess of high fashion. Kirstie shows them the latest fashion colours and style and then a Jodhi mail shows that the girls will have to put their new found knowledge to the test the very next day.

The girls arrive for their fashion challenge to find Jonathan dressed as a referee and three judges, Kirstie, Fernando and Kate Waterhouse. The girls are set challenges to dress for various events. Nobody truly excels and Caris and Alyce bomb. The girls have to arrange dresses under the right designers names. Demelza gets 10 out of 10 and Caris gets 3 out of 10. Then they have to put the model's name to their faces on magazine cocers. This time, it's Samantha who get 3. The winner of the challenge is ultimately Demelza. She choose Alyce to share her prize.

Demelza and Alyce have a very Gold Coast day out with the chirpy cockney fashion designer, Wayne Cooper, eating seafood on an eight million dollar boat, before heading to a penthouse apartment to change into their Wayne Cooper frocks before heading off to the NAA Fashion Awards. They barely have time to do a video call to the other girls to rub it in...but they do anyway.

The next day, the girls gather at Tamarama beach for a photo shoot for Oyster Magazine. Photography Bec Parsons puts the girls through their paces, with Alexandra leading off with an impressive display as she does a kind of rich gypsy look with the ocean in the back ground. Caris models a dress with a face on it, causing Demelza to bitch about her because she always does so well. Demelza does her shoot laying on her back, and then whinges that she did badly. Samantha also pulled of another amazing photoshoot impressing Jonathan and the crew. Jonathan cannot resist telling her that she's beautiful.

After the photoshoot, Jonathan tells the girls that they have $100 to spend to create a look for elimination that feature the latest trends of fashion. The judges weren't impressed by the outfits although Alex Perry gives Alexandra full marks.Alexandra, Alyce and Samantha receive praise for their pictures, while Caris' picture isn't her best.Ultimately, Alyce and Caris end up in the bottom 2. Jodhi states that while Alyce had a good photo, she wasn't consistent and that Caris is the opposite; while Caris has been consistent, this week she took a bad photo. Ultimately, it is Alyce who is eliminated after appearing in the bottom three for the last 4 weeks. []
*Bottom two: Caris Eves and Alyce Crawford
*Eliminated: Alyce Crawford
*Featured photographer: Bec Parsons
*Special Guests: Fernando Frisoni, Kirstie Clements, Kate Waterhouse, Rachael Squires

Media Manners

"'Original Airdate: June 17, 2008 A Jodhi mail on a mobile phone has the girls thrilled that another overseas trip is coming up, and no sooner have they started speculating where it will be than Charlotte and Ian Thorpe appear – they’re going to teach the girls how to deal with the media to ensure their image is always pristine. First up, Ian and Charlotte ask questions as the girls walk a red carpet, being snapped by the paparazzi. Demelza gives a surprisingly good account of herself, even as she’s thrown questions about world events. At the other end of the scale, Alex does so badly, she even takes a bite out of a donut to spruik Dancing Demelza’s Disco Donuts. Next, Charlotte interviews them for the fictional “Models Monthly”. Charlotte and Ian then read the stories back to the girls, and Demelza looked peeved to hear that Alex had nominated her as the bitchest and fattest in the house. This leads to a confrontation between the two back at the house, in typical fashion, neither back down. Alex through writes a note apologising, which Demelza regards as an attempt to make Alex feel better.

Then it’s off to have interviews with real journalists, from real newspapers and magazines. Again, Alex struggles, telling lies to Shane Sutton from Famous magazine, which leaves him very unimpressed. Samantha turns around a giggly airhead performance from the day before into a chatty, flirty triumph. But Caris struggles so badly, Alex Needs from Womans Day magazines asks “Caris Who?”. Demelza surprises Shelly Horton of the Sun Herald with her honesty. Fiona Byrne of the Sunday Herald Sun thinks she’s either lovely girl or a very good actress. But it’s Samantha who finally wins a challenge, scoring an invite to a Puma launch and an interview on Nova with Merrick and Rosso with Kate Ritchie.

Sam takes Demelza with her, and Alex and Caris have to serve the finger food at the function, dressed in quite possibly, the ugliest gingham cleaning lady outfits every seen in the Southern hemisphere. They then have to watch from another room as Sam and Demelza lap up the attention of Merrick, Rosso and Kat before Tim Ross delivers their next Jodhi Mail.The wonderfully eccentric Paul Westlake is the photographer. The designs are by Ultimo TAFE students and are equally eclectic. Demelza doesn’t really get into his suggestions like “Catch a fairy, hold it to your ear, talk to it”. It's bread and butter to a drama student like Caris who easily acts like a puppet. He has Alex standing on one leg, shooing away flies, and Sam playing air guitar.
Elimination reveals that the resulting photographs are spectacularly good. The judges struggle to make their decision, all the girls have their merits and it finally comes down to who will have the broadest appeal. Unfortunately, it is Caris who is eliminated. Despite having the strongest portfolio, her lack of confidence affected her and was ultimately eliminated.

*Bottom two: Caris Eves and Alexandra Girwood
*Eliminated: Caris Eves
*Featured photographer: Paul Westlake
*Special Guests: Merrick and Rosso, Kate Ritchie, Tim Ross, Alex Needs, Fiona Byrne, Ian Thorpe, Shelly Horton and Shane Sutton.

New York, New York

"'Original Airdate: June 24, 2008

The girls are going to New York City this week! They have three castings in New York City, casting for Marilyn, MC2 and Elite model. Alexandra receives the most praise for both her personality and presence as a model while Demelza is repeatedly criticised for her body shape.

After that, they have to participate in a fashion show for wide-known designer, Malan Breton. Last season's winner, Alice Burdeu, checks this year's models as well as Jodhi Meares, the host, in that fashion show. Alexandra does not do well in slow walk while both Samantha and Demelza do well.

Three girls have a photoshoot which gets a taxi as a background. The girls get made-up by Napoleon Perdis and are styled by stylist Bryan Marryshow. Alexandra performs the best. Marryshow decides he does not like Demelza's outfit and changes it in midshoot. Samantha does not do as well, surprisingly and complains about Demelza getting a second chance.

In the judging, the judges are impressed by Alexandra's fashionable photo so she gets first-call. The judges think that Demelza practises the same face week after week and Samantha is too commercial. At the end, Samantha is sent home.

*Bottom two: Samantha Downie and Demelza Reveley
*Eliminated: Samantha Downie
*Featured photographer: Antoine Verglas
*Special Guests: Jonathan Pease and Grant Pearce

And Australia's Next Top Model is...

"'Original Airdate: July 1, 2008
The finale, which was broadcast live from Luna Park Sydney, aired with Charlotte Dawson as the host.The show started with a video summary of the show so far, then a quick video from host Jodhi Meares, who chose not to host the live finale. Demelza and Alexandra were then shown arriving at Luna Park and posing for paparazzi. Charlotte introduced the judges and asked them if any of them had decided who they wanted to win and none of them were certain. Then one by one the eliminated girls were introduced and they all strutted down the catwalk. Next Alexandra and Demelza were introduced and they too strutted down the catwalk, afterwards taking their seats center stage. Alex, Jonathan & Charlotte all asked Demelza and Alexandra one question each. The final two girls were shown going to castings for Rosemounts Fashion Week. They had six castings: Bowie, Wayne Cooper, Bec & Bridge, Alex Perry, Silence Is Golden & Flamingo Sands. At the end of all the castings, Alexandra landed 5 shows and Demelza only landed 3. At Wayne Cooper Alexandra did a great job according to the judges, at Silence is Golden Alexandra got a small pair of shoes and didn't go as good, at Bec & Bridge the judges believed Demelza went great, at Alex Perry Alexandra went good except she had a few walking problems and Demelza went great until she had two slips, at Bowie both Alexandra and Demelza went great and finally at Flamingo Sands Alexandra went great. Next all of the contestants, including the final two, had a final runway show together at the live final. Some contestants were then interviewed by Charlotte and it was revealed that Samantha had won Australia's Favourite Top Model. Some footage was shown of the bitchiness and tears in the house. There was a Project Runway Australia plug and three of the models modeled three of the designers clothes. The judges took one last look at Demelza & Alexandra's portfolios and Brian McFadden performed his new single "Twisted". One last clip was shown from Jodhi, congratulating the final two. Finally the voting began; Priscilla gave her vote to Demelza, Kirstie gave her vote to Alexandra, Napoleon gave his vote to Demelza, Alex gave his vote to Alexandra, Jonathan gave his vote to Demelza & Charlotte gave her vote to Alexandra. Charlotte congratulated both of the girls and announced that Alice, the winner of last season, would announce the winner from Paris. She announced that the winner of Australia's Next Top Model 2008, was Demelza.

*Australia's Next Top Model: Demelza Reveley
*Runner-up: Alexandra Girdwood
*Australia's Favourite Top Model: Samantha Downie
*Special Guests: Brian McFadden, Kirstie Clements, Napoleon Perdis and Priscilla Leighton Clarke


In order of elimination

"(Ages stated are at time of contest)"

*Kamila Markowska, 17, Adelaide, South Australia

*Kristina "Kristy" Coulcher, 19, Sydney, New South Wales

*Emma O’Sullivan, 17, Pottsville, New South Wales

*Belinda Hodge, 17, Ballan, Victoria

*Alamela Rowan, 17, Byron Bay, New South Wales

*Leiden Kronemberger, 19, Sydney, New South Wales

*Jamie Lee, 21, Adelaide, South Australia

*Rebecca Jobson, 18, Wollongong, New South Wales

*Alyce Crawford, 17, Kiama, New South Wales

*Carey "Caris" Eves, 19, Inglewood, Western Australia

*Samantha Downie, 19, Rowville, Victoria

*Alexandra Girdwood, 20, Sydney, NSW (Runner-Up)

*Demelza Reveley, 16, Wollongong, NSW (Winner)

Callout order

:colorbox|#75A1D0 The contestant won the reward challenge :colorbox|purple The contestant won the week's reward challenge and was eliminated:colorbox|violet The contestant was eliminated:colorbox|pink The contestant was the runner-up:colorbox|limegreen The contestant won the competition


* Kristy: Trimmed and fresh color added
* Emma: Dyed blonde
* Belinda: Twiggy inspired crop cut
* Alamela: Bob with bangs
* Leiden: Dyed platinum blonde
* Jamie: Gemma Ward inspired hair
* Rebecca: Naomi Campbell inspired straight style
* Alyce: Hair color darkened and added extensions to volumize
* Caris: Dyed auburn
* Samantha: Shortened
* Alexandra: Cleopatra inspired cut
* Demelza: Layers


*Episode 1 Photoshoot: "Vogue" Australia website
*Episode 2 Photoshoot: Napolean Perdis Ad
*Episode 3 Photoshoot: Wall-Climbing With Mary-Kyri Shoes
*Episode 4 Photoshoot: Alex Perry's Look Book
*Episode 5 Commercial & Photoshoot: Kotex Tampons; Ford Fiesta
*Episode 6 Photoshoot: Peter Alexander Pyjamas with Male Models
*Episode 7 Photoshoot: Bikini Shoot for Tigerlily (owned judge Jodhi Meares)
*Episode 8 Photoshoot: Oyster Magazine
*Episode 9 Photoshoot: Haute Couture
*Episode 10 Photoshoot: Couture Shots With a Taxi


This series has created some controversy in regards to in-house "bullying". The fourth episode, Reality Bites, shows contestant Alamela Rowan being bullied by other contestants on the show, Demelza Reveley, Samantha Downie and Jamie Lee. In the episode Demelza is heard saying to the camera "the Bitchketeers are back". As the ring leader, she has poured water and thrown water bombs at Alamela in a bid to get her to "open up" because she "just doesn't get her". Another contestant, Alexandra Girdwood said in the episode that ironically, Demelza changed schools several times because she herself was a victim of bullying and now she is the instigator. After the episode aired, there was an immediate media backlash in regards to the limited response done toward the contestants involved in the bullying.

Demelza, Alyce Crawford, and Rebecca Jobson were christened the "Dapto Dogs" by judge Charlotte Dawson during the elimination. Samantha Downie and Jamie Lee were also involved in the bullying, however, were not reprimanded by the judges. Belinda Hodge (eliminated in that episode) defended fellow contestant Alamela, and hence was praised by numerous media outlets for not "jumping the bandwagon" and bullying. [ [,26278,23701555-10388,00.html 'Living hell' of Australia's Next Top Model's house | Entertainment ] ]

Demelza later on camera apologised to Alamela but also claimed that it was "blown out of proportion". In consequence of the bullying, numerous forums and media outlets have already decided they will not support this contestant if chosen as one of the final two. [ [ Australia's Next Top Model 4 - Page 111 - Vogue Australia Forums ] ] [ [ Australia's Next Top Model :: Forum - View topic - Bullying Thugs= Australias Next Top Model ] ] [ [ YouTube - Broadcast Yourself ] ] [ [ YouTube - Broadcast Yourself ] ]

At the beginning of episode five, Working the Brand, host Jodhi Meares appeared in a message to viewers before the start of the episode explaining that the events were examples of natural teenage behavior and the team behind "Australia's Next Top Model" do not support nor condone the behavior. In the same episode Demelza, in front of the cameras with Alamela, apologized for her actions.

Later in the season, Reveley was told by modelling agents she needed to lose weight. Reveley, who lost weight by "eating healthily and exercising regularly" says her choices were what she needed to do to make it in the industry. Demelza managed to again create controversy as many health experts are concerned of how a teenage girl could lose 12cm from her hips in only 2 months. This has caused an outrage in media outlets as to what kind of message this sends to young girls who are already self-conscious of their appearance. "It is really hard to believe that she could have lost all this weight in such a short amount of time. It sends out the wrong message to young girls who do not have access to the methods that were supposedly taken (dietitian, personal trainer) to meet unrealistic expectations. This should not have been shown on TV."fact|date=July 2008

More controversy took place after the airing of the finale and Demelza being announced Australias Next Top Model winner. Viewers were very frustrated at the glorification of a bully. [ [ Australia's Next Top Model :: Forum - Index page ] ]

Cycle Statistics

*Total number of contestants: 13
*Oldest contestant: Jamie Lee, 21 years old
*Youngest contestants: Demelza Reveley, 16 years old
*Tallest contestants: Leiden Kronemberger & Emma O'Sullivan, both 5'11.5" (182 cm)
*Shortest contestant: Alyce Crawford, 5'7.5" (171 cm)
*Heaviest contestant: Demelza Reveley, (66 kg)
*Lightest contestant: Alamela Rowan, (44 kg)
*Contestant with most collective first call outs: Caris Eves, Demelza Reveley, Samantha Downie, all twice
*Contestant with most collective challenge wins: Alyce Crawford and Demelza Reveley, all 3 times
*Contestant with most collective bottom two appearances: Alyce Crawford, 4 times
*Contestant with most consecutive bottom two/three appearances: Alyce Crawford, 4 times
*Contestants involved in a double elimination: Jamie Lee & Leiden Kronemberger
*Call-out averages of top 3: Demelza Reveley - 4.0, Alexandra Girdwood - 3.5, Samantha Downie - 3.7


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