Danylo Skoropadskyi

Danylo Skoropadskyi

Danylo Skoropadskyi (Ukrainian: Данило Скоропадський) (February 13, 1904, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Empire - February 23, 1957, London, Great Britain) is a famous Ukrainian politician and leader of the Ukrainian monarchist movement 1948-1957 (now called the United Hetman Association). He was the son of Hetman Pavlo Skoropadskyi

During the Hetmanate he studied at the First Gymnasium in Kiev in 1918. In 1919 Skoropadskyi (with the whole House of Skoropadskyi) had to flee from Ukraine. He lived and studied first in Switzerland and than in Germany. In 1939 Danylo resettled to England.

From 1932 he assisted his father Pavlo Skoropadskyi in leading the Ukrainian monarchist movement. In 1948 after the death of Hetman Pavlo, Danylo Skoropadskyi became the leader of Ukrainian monarchists.

Danylo Skoropadskyi became engaged on February 13, 1957 to Halyna Melnyk-Kaluzhynska,[1][2] however, in a week and a half he died on February 23, 1957 in London after being poisoned probably by the KGB agents. On the 40th day after the death of Danylo Halyna lost their mutual child.


Halyna Kaluzhynska was born in Volhynia near Trostyanka in March of 1914. After the World War I she lived in Warsaw and later married changing her last name to Melnyk-Kaluzhynska. From her first marriage she had a son Andriy, while her husband has disappeared. After the World War II Kaluzhynska relocated to the United Kingdom. Eventually through a mutual friend she met Danylo Skoropadsky.

At 81 (in 1995) Halyna returned to Ukraine bringing back Skoropadsky's family relics.

Danylo Skoropadskyi
Family of Skoropadskie
Born: 13 February 1904 Died: 23 February 1957
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Oleksandra Skoropadska
Hetman of Ukraine
Succeeded by
Maria Montrezor (claims)


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