Heart of Glass (novel)

"Heart of Glass" is a novel that is part of the A-List novel series. It was written by New York Times Fact|date=November 2007 bestselling author Zoey Dean and was released in April 2007.

Plot summary

Heart of Glass begins after High School officially ends. Anna, Cammie, Sam, and Dee have finally graduated and are looking forward to enjoying a carefree summer. But, while Anna and Sam are housesitting, Cammie convinces Anna to trespass on a neighbor's property. This neighbor has a vendetta with Cammie's father, the famous agent Clark Sheppard. Cammie and Anna are arrested. While Cammie remains unfazed, Anna is nervous. Fortunately, the girls' attorneys make a deal with the DA and they only have to complete some community service-- helping run a charity fashion show for New Visions, an organization to help less-fortunate girls.

Meanwhile, Eduardo and Sam are now back together, but Sam can't help feeling jealous and insecure over their relationship as Eduardo acts friendly towards a fellow Peruvian, a beautiful designer named Giselle. Anna and Ben are taking some time apart, and Anna is now dating her father's hot intern, Caine. Adam Flood has decided to spend the summer in Michigan, leaving a lonely Cammie alone in LA. Dee is still with Jack Walker.

While having lunch with Eduardo and Giselle, Poppy, Sam's stepmother, invades. Poppy, now in her fit, post-baby shape, has found a new boy-toy, yoga instructor Bodhi Gilad. After seeing Poppy and Bodhi together, Sam is convinced that Poppy is cheating on Jackson with Bodhi.

During a concert, Dee and Jack run into an old friend of Dee's, Aaron Steele, from Ojai (the rehab center Dee checked out of). While Jack feels negatively about Aaron, Dee is happy to see him and their friendship is resparked.

When Cammie and Anna arrive for their community service, they meet a younger girl named Champagne. Champagne is very beautiful, but comes from a poorer background than the girls. It is clear that Champagne is interested in modeling, but because she is too petite, she is often dismissed. Virginia Vanderleer, an older woman who is the head of New Visions, tells Cammie and Anna that Champagne is suspected of stealing a designer dress not too long ago.

Ben attempts to steal Anna back from Caine, whom he detests. He arrives at Anna's house and they talk. Later that night, Anna and Caine go on a fun date to a Ferris Wheel.

That same night, a lonely Cammie dresses up and saunters into Trieste to see Ben, whom she has set her sights on now that Anna and Ben are not together anymore. She sidles up to the bar and flirts with him, and the two have a friendly drink together.

Meanwhile, Sam is obsessed with catching Poppy's adulterous acts. She meets Parker Pinelli for lunch, and the two friends discuss a deal. Sam offers to give Parker a part on Jackson's newest movie, a remake of Ben-Hur. A stunned and surprised Parker thanks Sam immensely, but Sam mentions that in return, she asks that Parker help her by seducing Poppy. Parker will be kept anonymous, and Jackson will divorce Poppy, who Sam hates. However, Parker feels unsure, as Jackson may find out it was him and blacklist from any Hollywood acting jobs for life, ruining his career.

Then, Sam, Cammie, Anna, and Champagne visit PacCoast, a modeling company, where Sam has connections, to pick models for the New Visions fashion show. Cammie decides to take Champagne under her wing when Champagne reveals some of her aspirations for her future. Anna, as well, is surprised and impressed by the girl's sincerity.

Sam and Cammie approach Clark, Cammie's father, about the mysterious death of Cammie's mother. Clark admits that Jeanne was clinically depressed. Finally, he leaves Cammie with a letter her mother wrote when Cammie was born, which was meant to be given to her on her marriage day. Clark and Sam leave Cammie alone to read the beautiful, emotional letter.

Parker acts very well in the scene with Jackson, and utilizes his opportunity to promote his career. Although he feels nervous, his ambitious nature pays off and he does well.

At a Ben-Hur cast party that Poppy throws, Dee and Aaron become closer friends. Parker reveals to Sam that his flirting with Poppy was successful, and Poppy had given Parker her private cell phone number. Also, Jonah Jacobson, the son of motion picture mogul Andrea Jacobson, approaches Sam about a script he had written and given to Jackson's company. As part of Sam and Anna's job working for Jackson, the two read scripts and evaluated them. However, Jonah Jacobson (under the pen name "Norman Shnorman") had written a terrible script, and in return, Sam had given it a terrible evaluation. Sam is frightened that Andrea will take revenge on Jackson for the cruel words written about her son's script.

Jack and Ben meet for a drink at a bar, and both admit they are in love; Jack with Dee, Ben with Anna.

Cammie, Anna, and Champagne go shopping, and the good side of Cammie emerges. She agrees to help Champagne, giving her kindhearted advice, and buying her new, expensive trendy clothes. Then, Cammie calls Adam, but their conversation makes her depressed, as Adam reveals that he is not ready to return to LA anytime soon and wants Cammie to come to Michigan instead. He admits that he is having second thoughts about his college and is considering the University of Michigan.

Anna sneaks into Jackson's office with Caine on a mission to change the evaluation that Sam wrote about Norman Shnorman's script. They successfully fix everything, and Caine attempts to seduce Anna on a couch. Anna resists, telling her she isn't ready for that. Caine does not seemed disturbed or upset, and immediately stops and the two exit the office.

Jack rents a hotel room that he and Dee go to, which is rumored to be haunted, which thrills Dee. Then, Jack tells Dee that he wants to marry her and have children with her, and they could move to the East coast. Dee balks at the idea, and Jack laughingly tells her that he is joking. However, Dee is not so sure about his reassurance.

While in Cammie's Lamborghini, Cammie tells Anna about her plan to help Champagne. Anna agrees to help and enlists some of her old connections from back in New York to help.

For the fashion show, all of the models are trying new looks. Anna tries on a short dress, which looks stunning on her. Later, she bumps into Ben, who comments on how beautiful she looks, and tries to win her over yet again. Anna resists, but cannot deny the feelings she felt. The two share a kiss.

Parker follows through with a plan Sam concocts. He meets Poppy at a hotel, after some flirting. They kiss, and a photographer Sam plants catches it on camera. Then, Parker makes a quick exit. However, Sam feels guilty about the pictures, and destroys them.

Anna uses her East Coast connections to pull a deal with Lizbette Demetrius, an upscale cosmetics company CEO. Cammie sends pictures of Champagne from a modeling shoot to Lizbette.

Unfortunately, the models from PacCoast riot, refusing to do the charity fashion show because they are not being paid. Instead, they decide to use other girls like Champagne to model in the show. Cammie offers to teach the girls everything they need to know to be runway-ready.

To find male models, Champagne takes Cammie and Anna to The Firehouse, a restaurant/bar that her cousin Bryson works at. Bryson and the other handsome waiters/strippers that work at the Firehouse agree to be models for the show. Cammie and Anna are enjoying their visit, until one firefighter catches Anna's attention: Caine. Anna confronts Caine, who does not see what the big deal is. Anna tells Caine to take her seriously, and he agrees.

When Anna returns home, she finds an email from Lizbette, who explains that she was quite pleased with Champagne's pictures and is interested in using her, and plans to attend the fashion show to meet Champagne in person.

Cammie teaches the girls (Champagne, Consuela, Mai, Daisy, and Exquisite) how to model on the runway. Her leadership inspires the girls, and her nicer side is clearly visible. Cammie realizes that instead of being "bitchy", she feels good.

Cammie once again visits Ben at Trieste. Instead of the usual clubbing scene, that night, it is more of a coffeehouse/arts show. Cammie and Ben retire to a private room, where they have champagne. Cammie feels tense, as Ben prods about Anna constantly, but later, they almost kiss. Cammie is caught up in the moment, but just before their lips meet, they both pull back. Ben keeps back his desire, and tells Cammie that if they got back together again it would be so much more than their relationship was before.

At Cammie's house, Dee talks to Cammie about her confusion about Jack and Aaron. Later, Cammie's memories about her mother and the past lead her and Dee to venture up into the attic, where they find Jeanne's old clothes. Cammie finds a familiar outfit and tries it on, finally grieving over the loss of her mother. Dee pleasantly surprises Cammie by offering wise advice and comfort.

Later, Jackson finds the new evaluation Anna wrote about Norman Shnorman's script, and confronts Sam. Anna jumps to her defense, and Jackson lets it drop. Then, they are interrupted by the delivery of the Galaxy (a celebrity gossip magazine) with the cover page showing Poppy and Bodhi's adulterous acts. Jackson confronts Poppy angrily, and she breaks down and leaves the house, leaving the baby behind.

Dee tells Jack she is interested in helping Aaron, which distresses him, but he doesn't break up with her.

Lizbette arrives at the fashion show and speaks with Champagne, but decides she is not right for the job. A stunned and infuriated Cammie confronts Lizbette angrily and stands up for the disappointed Champagne.

At the fashion show, everyone does a good job, but when a dress goes missing, Anna is forced to wear a different outfit, which bares a lot of skin. However, Anna pulls it off with class and all of their friends in the audience support her.

After the show, Champagne is accused of stealing Martin Rittenhouse's designer dress. However, Cammie reveals the truth-- that Martin stuffed the dress into his own bag and pinned the act on Champagne. The designer confesses, and admits he did it for publicity. In return, Cammie, proposes that he launch a new petite line and use Champagne as his star model. Martin agrees, and Champagne is thrilled.

During the afterparty, Cammie calls Adam and tells them if he is not back in LA in four days, she is breaking up with him and they are over. A surprised Adam pleads Cammie to reconsider, but she refuses, explaining that she wants him, but if being in Michigan is more important than she is, then it's over.

Sam sees Giselle making moves on Eduardo and feels anxious, but Eduardo turns Giselle's proposal for lunch down, and stays loyal to Sam, which delights her.

Anna confronts Caine and Ben simultaneously, telling them that she wants to date both of them at the same time. Caine agrees. Ben is incredulous, but eventually he kisses Anna sweetly and agrees, because he doesn't want to lose her.

Cammie announces to Anna that if it doesn't work out between her and Adam, Cammie will go after Ben.

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