Admiralty (disambiguation)

Admiralty can mean:

*Admiralty law, also called Maritime Law

In Russia

*Admiralty Board (Russia), the authority responsible for the Imperial Russian Navy
*Admiralty (Saint Petersburg) building in Saint Petersburg, Russia
*Admiralty Shipyard in Saint Petersburg, Russia
*Dutch Admiralty in Tsarskoye Selo, Russia

In the British Empire

*Admiralty, the authority responsible for HM Royal Navy before 1964
**HMS|Admiralty, the name of two yachts of the Royal Navy
*United Kingdom Hydrographic Office produces the Admiralty brand of charts.
*Admiralty Board (United Kingdom), the post-1964 board responsible for the Royal Navy
*Admiralty House (London) or Admiralty House (Sydney)
**The term "Admiralty" was commonly used to refer to the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
*Admiralty Arch in London, England
*Admiralty Islands, a part of the Manus Province of Papua New Guinea
** USS Admiralty Islands (CVE-99)
*Admiralty Mountains in Victoria Land of Antarctica
*Admiralty Bay on King George Island

In Hong Kong

*Admiralty, Hong Kong a district in between Central and Wanchai
**Admiralty (MTR) an MTR station in Hong Kong

In Singapore

*Old Admiralty House
*Admiralty MRT Station

In the Netherlands

The navy of the Dutch Republic was made up of five "admiralties"-
*Admiralty of Amsterdam
*Admiralty of Rotterdam
*Admiralty of Friesland
*Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier, or Admiralty of West-Friesland
*Admiralty of Zeeland

In the medieval Netherlands there was also an "Admiraliteit van Veere" (Admiralty of Veere), set up as a result of the Ordinance on the Admiralty of 8 January 1488 in an attempt to create a central naval administration in the Burgundian Netherlands. To this was subordinated the Vice-Admiralty of Flanders in Dunkirk. In 1560, admiral Philip de Montmorency, Count of Hoorn, this admiralty was relocated near Ghent and in 1561 the Habsburg naval forces were also moved to Veere.

In the USA

* Admiralty Island, Alaska

In Canada

* Admiralty Inlet (Nunavut)
* Admiralty Island (Nunavut)

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