List of Belgian film directors

List of Belgian film directors

This is a list of Belgian film directors.


*Chantal Akerman
*R. Kan Albay
*Yaël André


*Vincent Bal
*Tom Barman
*Dirk Beliën
*Alain Berliner
*Rémy Belvaux
*Edmond Bernhard
*Jef Bruyninckx
*Jean-Marie Buchet
*Jan Bucquoy
*Frans Buyens


*Jef Cassiers
*Stijn Coninx
*Gérard Corbiau


*Jean-Pierre Dardenne
*Luc Dardenne
*Emile Degelin
*Robbe De Hert
*Eric de Kuyper
*Charles Dekeukeleire
*André Delvaux
*Danny Deprez
*Dominique Deruddere
*Marc Didden
*Frederik Du Chau
*Fabrice Du Welz


*Geoffrey Enthoven


*Jacques Feyder


*Jonas Geirnaert
*Noël Godin
*Felix van Groeningen


*Hans Herbots


*Patric Jean
*Edward José


*Edith Kiel
*Harry Kümel


*Benoît Lamy
*Boris Lehman
*Roland Lethem
*Bouli Lanners
*Nicholas Lens


*Benoît Mariage
*Thierry Michel
*Ernst Moerman




*Maurice Rabinowicz
*Jo Röpke
*Senne Rouffaer
*Vincent Rouffaer
*Jean-Jacques Rousseau

*Raoul Servais
*Peter Simons
*Olivier Smolders
*Ben Stassen
*Henri Storck
*Samy Szlingerbaum
*Boris Szulzinger


*Matthias Temmermans
*Guy Lee Thys


*Henri d'Ursel


*André Valardy
*Patrick Van Antwerpen
*Rudi Van Den Bossche
*Jan Vanderheyden
*Jaco Van Dormael
*Rob Van Eyck
*Erik Van Looy
*Frank Van Mechelen
*Frank Van Passel
*Roland Verhavert
*Jan Verheyen
*Julien Vrebos


*François Weyergans


*Thierry Zéno

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