Place de Ville

Place de Ville is a complex of office towers in downtown Ottawa. It currently consists of three buildings, Place de Ville A, B, and C, two large hotels, and a parking garage. The buildings are linked by an underground shopping complex. Place de Ville C is currently the tallest building in Ottawa.

History and Development

The complex is located in downtown Ottawa on Albert Street between Kent Street and Lyon. Towers A and B are located on the south side of Queen Street while tower C is on the north of Queen. The buildings are mostly home to various federal government workers, with the Department of Transport being the largest tenant. It has its headquarters in Tower C.

For almost a century the area had been home to the city's streetcar garages. When the streetcar system was shuttered, the land was purchased by developer Robert Campeau. He conceived an ambitious plan to recentre Ottawa's downtown on the site. The scheme faced several barriers, the most important of which was that for many years buildings in downtown Ottawa faced a 45.7 metre (150 foot) height restriction so the Peace Tower would dominate the skyline. Despite strong opposition from Ottawa mayor Charlotte Whitton, the rule was changed to allow the only somewhat taller Towers A and B to be constructed. These two towers were completed in 1968. That same year Campeau began lobbying to build the much taller Tower C. Originally hoping to build a 145 metre (475 foot) tower (which would have made it about 42 storeys) the city allowed it to only be 104 metres (342 feet) (29 storeys), but it still was, and remains, the tallest building in the city.

In the early 1980s Campeau proposed building a fourth even taller tower but the recession and a glut of Ottawa office space ended these plans. The buildings also began to suffer a variety of problems including asbestos, mould, a fire and allegations of Sick Building Syndrome. In the late 1980s Towers A and B were gutted and completely renovated. Campeau's business empire was also struggling and after failed expansion attempts in the United States his company collapsed. In 1996 its remnants, including Place de Ville, were bought by the Reichmann's Olympia and York (O&Y).

In 2000 O&Y announced that work would begin on a third phase of the Place de Ville complex. This would consist of two new towers one 18 storeys and the other 12. They would be built on the large parking lot next to Tower B. Several other downtown building projects and an economic downturn put these plans on hold, however. In February 2005 O&Y announced it would be selling most of its Canadian holdings, including Place de Ville.

Place de Ville is now managed by Brookfield Properties.

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