Allis may refer to:

*Charles David Allis (b. 1951), American biologist
*John Allis (b. 1942), American cyclist
*Louis Allis (1916-1994), American industrialist and Wisconsin Secretary of State
*Oswald T. Allis (1880-1973), American theologian
*William Allis (1901–1999), an American theoretical physicist specializing in electrical discharges in gases

*Allis Township, Michigan
*North Allis Township, Michigan
*West Allis, Wisconsin

*Allis-Chalmers, a former manufacturer of farm equipment based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
*Big Allis, a giant generator in Queens, New York, commissioned by Consolidated Edison and built by Allis-Chalmers in 1965
*Allis-Chalmers Model B, popular tractor manufactured by Allis-Chalmers
*Charles Allis Art Museum, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
*Allis shad, "Alosa alosa", species of fish found in Europe and North Africa
*Fiat Allis, manufacturer of construction equipment

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