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Route Twisk (zh-tspcy|t=荃錦公路|s=荃锦公路|p=Quánjǐn gōnglù|cy=chyun4 gam2 gung1 lou6) is a dual-lane suburban road in Hong Kong, linking Tsuen Wan and Pat Heung via Shek Kong. It joins Kam Tin Road and Lam Kam Road north in Kam Tin, and ends in the Tsuen Kam Interchange of Cheung Pei Shan Road, Texaco Road North, Wai Tsuen Road and Tai Ho Road North south in Tsuen Wan.

Its name came from a misprint of its name in a construction project document Route TW/SK, meaning a road linking Tsuen Wan and Shek Kong. An alternative interpretation is Tsuen Wan Interconnect Shek Kong.

It is the only link to Tai Mo Shan Road, the road leading to Tai Mo Shan, the highest peak in Hong Kong. The last section of Stage 8 of the MacLehose Trail runs along Tai Mo Shan Road. Opposite this intersection is a carpark, and the starting point of Stage 9 of the trail, which continues in a westerly direction.


Between 1951 and 1952, Route Twisk was built by the Royal Engineers, led by Brigadier H. P. Cavendish, to improve the transport from the military base of British Army in Shek Kong. The road was originally a military escape route to evacuate personnel in event of an invasion. It contained demolition chambers at intervals to deny use to incoming forces. In early 1960s, Hong Kong Government negotiated with British Army to open the road the public. The army finally transferred the road to the Government and the road made available to public on 25 May, 1961.

The road ended in Castle Peak Road in Tsuen Wan originally. It was shorten to Tsuen Kam Interchange for the construction of MTR Tsuen Wan Line.

Public Transport

*KMB Route 51 - Tsuen Wan Nina Tower - Kam Sheung Road Railway Station
**Due to the undesirable road conditions (the fact that the road is very steep in places and has numerous "switch-backs"), vehicles using the road can only be 10 meters long or less. For a long time, buses serving these routes were single-deckers, but the bus company purchased / altered some buses which had special engine-gearbox combinations for the ardious conditions of the road. Later, the bus fleet was converted to fully air-conditioned buses and fully single-deckers again in 1996. Since then, Dennis Darts with manual retarders have been deployed.
*Green Minibus Route 72 - Yuen Long Tai Hang Street - Lui Kung Tin
*Green Minibus Route 80 - Tsuen Wan Chuen Lung Street / Shiu Wo Street - Chuen Long
*Green Minibus Route 85 - Tsuen Wan Chuen Lung Street / Shiu Wo Street - Fu Yung Shan


*Tsuen Wan
*Kwong Pan Tin (光板田)
*Tso Kung Tam (曹公潭)
*Chuen Lung (川龍)
*Tai Mo Shan
*Kap Lung (甲龍)
*Shek Kong

ee also

*List of streets and roads in Hong Kong

External links

* [ CentaLink map of Route Twisk] (incorrectly labelled "Tsuen Kam Road", an incomplete transliteration of the Chinese name that means "Tsuen Kam Public Road" or "Tsuen Kam Highway". The correct English name is shown if the map is zoomed in more. The Survey and Mapping Office of Lands Department is now aware of this mistake.
* [,114.12043&daddr=%E8%8D%83%E9%8C%A6%E5%85%AC%E8%B7%AF+%4022.431390,+114.104420&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=18&mra=dme&sll=22.376131,114.120258&sspn=0.002034,0.003648&ie=UTF8&ll=22.403565,114.11126&spn=0.065069,0.11673&z=13&om=1 Google Maps of Route Twisk]

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