Petru is a given name, and may refer to:

* Petru I of Moldavia (Petru Muşat, 1375-1391), ruler of Moldavia
* Petru II of Moldavia (? – 1452), co-ruler of Moldavia ()
* Petru Aron (died 1467), ruler of Moldavia
* Petru Bălan (born 1976), Romanian rugby union footballer
* Petru Cercel (died 1590), voivode of Wallachia, polyglot
* Petru Dugulescu (born 1945), Romanian Baptist pastor, poet, and politician
* Petru Filip (born 1955), current mayor of the municipality of Oradea
* Petru Fudduni (circa 1600-1670), poet
* Petru Giovacchini (1910-1955), Corsican hero
* Petru Groza (1884-1958), Romanian politician
* Petru Lucinschi (born 1940), Moldova's second president
* Petru Maior (circa 1756-1821), Romanian writer
* Petru Negrea (born 1973), Romanian soccer player
* Petru Pavel Aron (1709-1764), Romanian Greek-Catholic cleric and intellectual
* Petru Rareş (circa 1487-1546), ruler of Moldavia
* Petru Stoianov (born 1931), Romanian composer
* Petru Ţurcaş (born 1976), Romanian footballer

ee also

* Peter
* Petr
* Petra (disambiguation)
* Petre
* Petri
* Petro (disambiguation)

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