Algerian local election, 1990

The Algerian local elections of 1990 were the first multiparty elections to take place in independent Algeria.

APC (Popular Communal Assembly) Results

PartyVotesShare of VoteCouncilsSeats
Other parties179,0362.2%4143

Turnout: 8,366,760 (65.2%)Valid votes cast: 7,984,788 (62.2%)

APW (Popular Wilaya Assembly) Results

Full results are not available; only the following information is provided here:

PartyVotesShare of VoteCouncilsSeats
Other parties013

* 9 councils with no overall control

Turnout: 8,238,921 (64.2%)Valid votes cast: 7,877,000 (61.3%)


* Jacques Fontaine, 'Les elections locales Algériennes du 12 Juin 1990: approche statistique et géographique'. "Maghreb-Machrek", no. 129 (Juillet-Septembre 1990)
* Keith Sutton, Ahmed Aghrout, & Salah Zaimche, 'Political changes in Algeria: an emerging electoral geography', "Maghreb Review", vol. 17, nos. 1-2 (1992).

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