Mobile phone companies of India

The Mobile phone industry in India is covered in this article. Mobile phones are usually called "mobile phones" or "cell phones" in India.



  • The first mobile phone was launched in India during 1990s.[citation needed]
  • The first mobile phone company was Nokia.[citation needed]
  • First Mobile service provider was Modi Groups in 1995 and started in Kolkata, somewhere it was signed that mobile service provider was launched in 1994.[citation needed]

Mobile phone service operators

Aircel, headquartered in New Delhi, India has absorbed Cingular Wireless, and offers 2G service using GSM technology and 3G service using UMTS technology.
  • Airtel
Airtel, with its head offices in both Mumbai and Berhampur, India provides 2G service using GSM and 3G service using UMTS/HSPA technology
  • BSNL
BSNL, headquartered in New Delhi, is a public listed company and is state-owned. It offers 2G service using GSM and 3G service using U--Munnatiger (talk) 16:27, 10 November 2011 (UTC)MTS. It was the first service provider to introduce 3G services in India.
  • MTNL
MTNL, headquartered in Mumbai is a public listed company and is state-owned and offers 2G service using CDMA and 3G service using GSM.
Idea Cellular, headquartered in Mumbai, has absorbed Cingular Wireless, and offers 2G service using GSM technology and 3G service using UMTS technology.
  • Ping Mobile
  • Tata Indicom
Tata Indicom, with its head offices in both Navi Mumbai provides 2G service using cdmaOne and 3G service using CDMA2000 technology.
  • Tata DoCoMo
Tata DoCoMo is joint venture company of Tata Teleservices and NTT DoCoMo
Reliance Communications, with its head offices in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra provides CMDA 2G service using cdmaOne and CDMA 3G service using CDMA2000 EVDO technology. It also provides GSM 2G services & 3G GSM HSDPA Services.
  • Loop Mobile India (Formerly BPL Mobile)
Loop Mobile India, is a mobile phone service provider in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (formerly SWAN Telecom)
In 2009 Etisalat has announced that its Indian unit, erstwhile Swan Telecom (owned by Dynamix Balwas Realty and Reliance Communications),[34] headquartered in Mumbai, is renamed to Etisalat DB Telecom India Pvt. Ltd Telecom Renamed Etisalat Telecom India Pvt. Ltd. The business unit has been awarded Unified Services Access License in 15 circles - Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu (including Chennai), Uttar Pradesh (East), Uttar Pradesh (West), Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. In April 2010 Etisalat began signal testing in Chennai [IND 922], Delhi & NCR [IND 913], Maharashtra & Goa [IND 919], Mumbai [IND 916] and Gujarat[IND 914]. In May 2010, Etisalat was in talks to buy 25% stake in Reliance Communications, but the deal was not finalised.

In 2010, following the $39 billion 2G spectrum scam, Etisalat DB, the Indian subsidiary of the company, was stopped from buying a stake in a Chennai-based company due to objections raised by the India's home ministry(MHA). Etisalat DB was not allowed to buy back the 5.27 per cent stake held by Chennai-based Genex Exim Ventures since the home ministry raised objections based largely on security concerns. The MHA had pointed out four issues that needed to be resolved before allowing the company to come into Etisalat DB, a company that got scarce 2G spectrum at allegedly throwaway prices, First, vice-chairman Shahid Balwa should not be involved in the operations of the company in any capacity, because of his connections with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim,[36] second, the MHA raised objections about the commercial relationship between the Dubai-based Etisalat Group and China’s Huawei. The MHA suspects, Huawei has links with China’s People’s Liberation Army — the country’s military organisation of all land, sea, strategic missile and air forces — and has the capacity to manipulate equipment supply, third, it raised objections about Etisalat’s presence in Pakistan and it's connection with Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI. Etisalat owns a 26% stake in Pakistan Telecommunications and has a subscriber base of 3 million in Afghanistan and fourth, the MHA has also expressed concerns about the telecom surveillance software Etisalat had used in a Blackberry service it had introduced in the UAE and recommended that the company should not be allowed to offer Blackberry services in India

Handset Maker Companies of India


  1. X Electron
  3. Airnet
  4. Ajanta Mobile
  5. Anconn Mobile
  6. Airphone
  7. AROMA Mobiles
  8. [[ .com Asiatelco]
  9. BlackBerry
  10. BLEU
  11. Beetel
  12. BPL Group
  13. Byond tech
  14. Colors mobile
  15. celkon
  16. Daya
  17. Dell
  18. Digibee Mobiles
  19. eTouch
  20. Fujezone
  21. Fly
  22. Fortune
  23. GEEPEE Mobiles
  24. gfone
  25. G-Five
  26. Haier
  27. Hansum Mobiles
  28. Hawkman Mobile
  29. Hi-Tech
  30. HTC
  31. I-Tel
  32. ICube
  33. Intex
  34. Ion
  35. iNQ
  36. Karbonn Mobiles
  37. Lava Mobiles
  38. Lemon
  39. Lexus
  40. LG
  41. Logitec
  42. Magicon
  43. Maxwood Mobiles
  44. Maxx
  45. Melbon
  46. Micromax Mobile
  47. Motorola
  48. Movil
  49. Munoth Mobiles
  50. Nokia
  51. Nelson
  52. Olive
  53. Onida
  54. Orion Mobiles
  55. Orpat
  56. pagaria
  57. Philips
  58. Pride Mobiles
  59. Philiray
  60. Kuantum
  61. Quba Mobile
  62. Rage
  63. Ray
  64. Swissvoice India
  65. SAGEM
  66. Samsung
  67. San Mobile
  68. Sansui
  69. Siemens
  70. Simoco
  71. Sony Ericsson
  72. Spice Telecom
  73. Technotouch
  74. T-Series
  75. Ultra Mobile
  76. UNITEL
  77. UNIX Mobiles
  78. Usha-Lexus
  79. Vodafone Essar
  80. Videocon
  81. Voice
  82. VOX
  83. Winncom
  84. Xcite
  85. Zen Mobiles
  86. Rk mobile
  87. ViP Mobile
  89. Alcatel
  90. Spice
  91. MVL
  92. Nova mobiles [1]
  93. Mobell
  94. Akai mobiles
  95. AZ Link Anycool mobiles

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