Fällkniven, is a Swedish-based manufacturer of knives and knife-related gear and apparel. Fällkniven was founded in 1984 by company president Peter Hjortberger. The company started by importing knives and, in 1987, begun designing their own knives. [ cite web|url=http://fallkniven.se/info/info_en.html|title=Official Fällkniven website About the company. ]


Fällkniven is most well-known as a supplier of military and outdoor knives. Throughout the years they have supplied the Swedish military with products. The Fällkniven model F1 is the official survival knife for all pilots in the Swedish Air Force since 1995. cite web|url=http://fallkniven.se/f1bls1bl-us.htm|title=Tested & approved!|publisher=Fällkniven|accessdate=2007-12-08 Models F1 and S1 are approved as survival knives for U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine air crews. The model F1 is also the official survival knife for Swedish Air Force pilots.]

Complementing their lineup of military approved knives, Fällkniven produces several specifically outdoors and hunting knives. Specifically their aptly named "Hunting Knife" the "Fällkniven H1".


While Fällkniven is a Swedish company, most if not all of its production is done by subcontractors.Early F1 knives made of ATS34 steel where manufactured in Germany by Linder-Solingen.Production has been moved to Japan since Fallkniven replaced ATS34 steel with VG-10 steel in its products.

pecial editions

Previous Fällkniven offerings that have a serial number or are of limited edition. No longer available in stores.

*200 First handmade Fällkniven F1's prototypes.
*15000# Fällkniven F1's first civilian production.(5000 of these also have M-number markings for the Swedish Airforce)
*500# Fällkniven F1's with titanium oxide coating.
*200# Fällkniven F1's in VG-10 with Micarta handles.
*6 Fällkniven F1's in VG-10 with GREY teflon made for Fenwick.
*6 Fällkniven F1's in VG-10 with GREEN teflon made for Fenwick.
*110 Fällkniven F1's in 3G. Test models.
*780# Fällkniven H1's first production.
*400#? Fällkniven H1's with stag handles.
*200# Fällkniven WM1's with Micarta handles.

(# means indiviudally numbered).

U.S. Marine/Navy approved

In November 2000, the black versions of models F1 and S1 were tested and approved for use by air crews in the U.S. Marine and U.S. Navy. They successfully met the requirements for function, design, strength and reliability which the Naval Air Warfare Center required. cite web|url=http://fallkniven.se/f1bls1bl-us.htm|title=Tested & approved!|publisher=Fällkniven|accessdate=2007-12-08]


The word Fällkniven sounds like the words Fell-elk-knee-ven (Raven without Ra) put together to "FellKneeven". Fällkniven means folding knife (or actually "that folding knife", as in "I want that folding knife", Jag vill ha den fällkniven).

ee also

*Survival knife
*Survival skills


External links

*http://www.fallkniven.com/ Fallkniven company
*http://hem.passagen.se/nodh Fallkniven knife collector, with lists of all known numbered knives.

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