Kiwicon is an all-ages computer security conference (Hacker con) organised by members of the hacker and computer security community of New Zealand.

Kiwicon is back for 2008 and will be held on the 27th and 28th of September, once again at Victoria University of Wellington.

Kiwicon 2k7 was held during the weekend of 17-18th November 2007 at Victoria University of Wellington. Approximately 200 people attended the two-day event in 2007, many traveling from near and far to attend. Kiwicon provides a venue for hackers and computer security professionals as well as other interested parties to get together and share knowledge, war stories and to consume alcohol. In the spirits of DEF CON and Ruxcon, Kiwicon intends to bring together the best and brightest from academia, the computer security industry, the hacker underground, those who manage critical infrastructure and law enforcement.

2007 Seminars


* Peter Gutmann: Bugs in the Wetware: The Psychology of Computer Insecurity (Keynote presentation)
* Bogan: Bugs = Leverage
* Flagg: Busting your IDS/IPS
* hntr: Here be dragons: Busting non-IP networks
* Tmasky: Crackstation (Playstation 3/Cell running Linux for password cracking)
* oddy: What Pwnd All Datas? (wpad)
* Brett Moore: A Bag Full of 0day


* Graeme Neilson: ScanBerry: Advanced Attacks via a Trojaned Blackberry
* Nick Von Dadelszen: Cracking a Fat: Breaking Thick Client Software
* Joshua: Information Warfare and New Perspectives for Smaller Nations
* Cartel: Out of the loop: Plausible Deniability in the Age of Mandatory Key Disclosure
* thoth: Hypervisor Malware [ The Flying Spaghetti Hypervisor]
* Mark Keegan: Better than the regular Script Kiddie: [ w3af]
* Narcosis: How Secret is SECRET?
* Delf: Your Kiosk, My Kiosk (vulnerabilities in public Internet kiosks)
* metlstorm: Old School is Good School: Busting Carrier Grade Ethernet Networks

Lightning Talks

* metlstorm: SSH-Jack Redux: And Jack0rs For All...
* shammah: Dark Elevator Tool Release
* Joshua: Advances in anti-forensics: in-memory distributed hidden storage
* alhazred: One Fat Fuck vs Foucault: Game theoretic approaches to gaming social networks

Media Coverage

On August 29th 2007, persons associated with kiwicon appeared to change the NZ herald site with a simple XSS attack. No actual pages on the server were altered. This event was reported on the [ rival newspaper site]

More Media Coverage

Beau Butler (Oddy)'s wpad talk garnered extensive media coverage due to its public disclosure of a years-old supposedly-fixed security flaw in major browsers and operating systems:
* [ Kiwicon demo exposes serious Microsoft security flaw]
* [ Microsoft Fixing "Fixed" Flaw]
* [ Five-year-old design flaw found in all Windows versions]
* [ Ethical Hacker Keeps Microsoft Busy]
* [ Flaw leaves Microsoft looking like a turkey]
* [ Kiwi Finds Ripe Flaw In Windows]
* [ Five year old Windows bug resurfaces]

Nick Breese's Crackstation talk on Playstation 3 password cracking also generated extensive media coverage:
* [ PlayStation speeds password probe]
* [,140064/printable.html Hacker Uses Sony PlayStation 3 to Crack Passwords]

External links

* [ Official website]
* [ Article about kiwicon in techtarget]
* [ Kiwicon article in Sydney Morning Herald]

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