Glover (video game)

Glover (video game)

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developer = Interactive Studios
publisher = Hasbro Interactive
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released = October 31, 1998
genre = Platform
modes = Single player
ratings = ESRB: Everyone (E)
platforms = Nintendo 64, Windows, PlayStation
media =
requirements =
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"Glover" is a video game released for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and Microsoft Windows in 1998. It features a magical, four-fingered glove named Glover.


The game follows the story of Glover after the glove's wearer, a wizard, has an experiment go wrong and creates an explosion, throwing Glover out of the castle and turning the wizard to stone. The other glove lands in the wizard's cauldron. The explosion also causes the castle's seven magic crystals, delicately balanced on the tips of each of the castle's seven towers, to fall towards the ground. Glover must save the threatened magic crystals by using his magic powers to turn them into rubber balls. However, all but one of the balls end up being sealed in alternate worlds by evil magic. Without the crystals, the kingdom surrounding the castle becomes a desolate wasteland, haunted by the maniacal laughter of Cross-Stitch, the now-evil glove from the wizard's other hand.


Crystals are rescued by guiding Glover and his ball around six worlds, each containing three levels, a boss and bonus stage. The ball can also be transformed into one of four (five with the Power Ball cheat) forms. These are the rubber ball, a metallic marble, bowling ball, the ball's original crystal form and the Power Ball. The crystal form is very fragile, but gives Glover double points for Garibs. There are also plenty of magic potions to help Glover with his quest by giving him power-ups.

Glover's ball can be rolled, bounced, thrown, slapped, or walked on top of. On water, the controls are reversed (except on easy difficulty). Glover can also collect cards (known as "Garibs") which allow him to access the bonus stages if he collects all of the Garibs in a given world.


Atlantis: This is a water level centered around ancient ruins. Glover will come across medieval sharks, and man-eating fish.

:Boss: Glover fights three aquatic creatures, including a crab.

Carnival: This level takes place in a circus-themed environment in which Glover must avoid flying elephants, juggling roosters, and giant bumble bees.

:Boss: Glover fights an evil clown.

Pirates: It is a water level filled with evil cannonballs, porcupine fish and a walking sword named Swish which Glover can control.

:Boss: Glover fights a monkey that swings on a tree branch.

Prehistoric: This is a stone-age based level with dinosaurs.

:Boss: Glover fights a giant T-Rex.

Fortress of Fear: It is a scary level which takes place in spooky castles and fortresses. Glover will come across ghost witches which can transform him into a frog and his ball into a strange purple and red blob.

:Boss: Glover fights a Frankenstein-like monster.

Out of this world: It is the last level in the game which takes place in a futuristic environment filled with deadly robots and spaceships.

:Boss: Glover fights the evil Cross-stitch in a giant robot.

The Balls

The Balls are the Crystals' transformed states. If a ball is destroyed it will result in the loss of a life. The Crystal has 3 transformations: The Rubber Ball - The standard ball used for moving around. The Metallic Marble - Used for attacking and for use in magnetic puzzles. The Bowling Ball - Used for attacking and for knocking down walls. The Crystal - The original, untransformed appearance of the crystals from the top of the castle, used to gain double points from collecting Garibs and Extra Lives. If a Bounce, Slap or Throw maneuver is performed in this form, the Crystal will break.


Reviews were mixed, mostly pointing out the interesting game mechanics and variety, but also noting the bland storyline and confusing controls.

[ Gamespot: 5.1 out of 10]


Hasbro Interactive had planned to release a sequel to "Glover" which was to be released in 2000 named "Glover 2" but the idea was scrapped, and there has been no further information on it. [cite web |first=IGN Staff |last= |coauthors= |title=Glover Handed a Sequel |date=July 7, 1999 |url= |publisher=IGN |accessdate=2008-05-21 ]


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