Stop and Stare

Infobox Single
Name = Stop and Stare

Artist = OneRepublic
Album = Dreaming Out Loud
Released = flagicon|US November 27, 2007
Flagicon|Europe February 29, 2008
flagicon|UK March 3, 2008
track_no = 3
Recorded = 2006-2007
Genre = Alternative rock, pop rock
Length = 3:44
Writers = Brandon Dunlap
Label = Mosley, Interscope
Engineer = Joe Zook
Mixer = Joe Zook
Producer = Greg Wells
Last single = "Apologize"
This single = "Stop and Stare"
Next single = "Say (All I Need)"

"Stop and Stare" is the second single by American pop rock band OneRepublic from their debut album "Dreaming Out Loud". It was produced by Greg Wells, and recorded and mixed by Joe Zook. "Stop and Stare" was released to US radio on November 27 2007. It was later solicited to UK radio on December 16 2007 hitting number one and to Australian radio on December 17 2007 reaching number one as well following the global success of previous top ten single "Apologize". The single was released on March 3 2008 in the UK. It hit the charts, placing in the top ten in seventeen countries as well as in the United World Chart.

Music video

An official music video for Stop and Stare premiered on MTV's TRL on January 28, 2008. The video was directed by Anthony Mandler. [] Mandler is known for collaborating with artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Maroon 5 and Enrique Iglesias.

The video is set in the desert at an old gas station/motel. Throughout the video we see flashes of scenes with multiple versions of the band members Ryan Tedder, Zach Filkins, Eddie Fisher, Brent Kutzle and Drew Brown. As the video begins we see Ryan walking through the desert toward an open grave where a Preacher stands delivering a eulogy. As he walks, we see flashes of scenes with Ryan completely submerged in a bathtub while fully clothed, in motel room #7 staring at a TV displaying static, ringing the service bell at the motel desk, and sitting and waiting in the motel lobby. More Ryans are seen wandering around the motel, and again in motel room #7 leaning against the wall listening, while yet another Ryan is seen frantically driving a car with a pregnant woman in the back seat about to give birth. The Ryan standing at the open grave splits into two Ryans with one Ryan staying by the grave appearing to pray, while the second Ryan walks back toward the motel. At one point, we see the band in motel room #13 performing the song and Ryan entering the room and joining them. Outside the motel people from all walks of life have been gathering. Among them are Ryan, Zach, Eddie, Brent and Drew. They are all just standing outside the motel staring. Many of these scenes repeat and continue to flash back and forth, culminating in a scene where the Ryan driving the car comes to a screeching halt almost hitting the Ryan walking back from the grave as he crosses the road and the gathering of "staring" people look on unmoved. The static TV then bursts into flames, the Ryan in the bathtub emerges from the water, the Preacher is alone at the open grave and the video ends.

"Stop and Stare" is a fusion of anthemic guitars and insistent vocals and describes the common frustration of getting to a place in life where you think, "How in the world did I end up here, this isn't where I wanted to be, watching what I wanted pass me by," says the band. []

Track listing

UK CD single

#"Stop and Stare" - 3:44
#"Hearing Voices" - 3:55

Australian CD single

#"Stop and Stare" - 3:43
#"Something's Not Right Here" - 3:02

iTunes Stop and Stare EP

#"Stop and Stare" - 3:44
#"Last Goodbye" (Stripped Live Mix) - 4:31
#"Too Easy" - 3:15

iTunes Hit 3 Pack: Stop and Stare - Video EP (The Stripped Sessions)

#"Too Easy" - 3:45
#"Don't Go Away" - 4:02
#"Last Goodbye" - 4:32

Chart performance

"Stop and Stare" has become the band's second top twenty hit in the US so far reaching number twelve on the Hot 100 and number nine on the Pop 100, but climbing as high as number two on the US airplay chart. Its video also reached number one on the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown. The song has reached the top twenty in Australia and New Zealand, peaking at number eleven in both countries on the singles chart, and reaching number one on the airplay chart. It has reached the top twenty so far in Austria, Canada, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland. In Poland the song has reached number one. In the UK, the song debuted at number eleven on the singles chart and the following week, it reached number nine on the UK Singles Chart still on downloads alone. Upon physical release, "Stop and Stare" has peaked at number four on the UK Singles Chart, earning OneRepublic their second top five hit there In Ireland the song debuted at number eight due to high downloads and reached number two on the airplay chart. In Germany, the song was rewarded a highest debut upon entering the chart at number seven in its first week, peaking at number six. The song has held steady at number four on the Billboard European Hot 100, and reached number five on the United World Chart, currently earning 2,533,900 points; giving the band their second top five hit on the chart. According to the United World Chart, it has currently sold 1,241,611 copies worldwide, while also crossing the one million mark in sales in the US, making this their second Platinum plus selling single after "Apologize," which has sold over ten million copies worldwide.




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