IBC is an acronym that can stand for:

*IBC Root Beer
*Impedance Boundary Condition
*Infinite Blue Clan
*Inflammatory Breast Cancer
*Institute of Business Consulting (UK)
*Insurance Bureau of Canada
*Integrated Biomolecule Corporation
*Inter box connector, for Containerization
*Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation, Channel 13, Philippines
*Intermediate Bulk Container
*International Bank of Commerce of Laredo, Texas, USA
*International Baptist College
*International Biographical Centre
*International Botanical Congress
*International Boundary Commission
*International Boxing Club of New York
*International Boxing Commission
*International Boxing Council
*International Broadcast Centre
*International Broadcasting Company / IBC Studios, London, England
*International Broadcasting Convention
*International Building Code
*International Business Center is a supertall cluster in the Central AD of Moscow, Russia. It is the main center of the Big City project.
*International Business Company
*International Old Catholic Bishops' Conference
*Internode Business Connect
*Interstate Bakeries Corporation
*Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
*Iraq Body Count
* Irish Baptist College
*Iwate Broadcasting Company

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