List of Hiroshi Agasa's inventions

Dr Hiroshi Agasa has made a large amount of inventions in the manga and anime series Case Closed; most of these inventions are for Conan Edogawa but he made inventions for different other people and the general public as well.

Conan's gadgets

Voice-changing bow-tie

First appeared in File 6 of "Case Closed" Volume 1. It allows Conan to take on another person's voice. Another of his critical devices, he will often change voices to point out clues and disguise himself as Richard [The first incidence of this is in "Case Closed" Volume 3 in manga, or Episode 5 in anime.] to reveal solutions. [cite web|url=|title=Case Closed Characters at|publisher=FUNimation|accessdate=2008-06-14] Every so often, he also has to use it to reassure Rachel by mimicking his original voice in a phone call [First such usage: "Case Closed" Volume 1, File 9.] . [cite web|url=|title=Case Closed Characters at|publisher=FUNimation|accessdate=2008-06-14]

The voice changing bow-tie, together with the stun-dart watch, is the most commonly used DC gadgets in Detective Conan parodies. For example, in episode 30 of Hayate the Combat Butler anime, when Nagi Sanzen'in pretends to be Conan by wearing his glasses, parodying the speech before Detective Conan's opening credits, giving a "Next Nagi Hint", and solving a case using a voice-changing bowtie behind a sleeping Hayate. [ "Hayate no Gotoku", episode 30.)]

uper Sneakers

First introduced in Episode 3 of the anime. [The first incidence of this is in "Case Closed" Anime Episode # 3] [cite web|url=|title=Case Closed Characters at|publisher=FUNimation|accessdate=2008-06-14] When turned on, it sends a mild current through Conan's legs, effectively supercharging them for short periods. [cite web|url=|title=Case Closed Characters at|publisher=FUNimation|accessdate=2008-06-14] This is a critical device for Conan, for with the shoes on, Conan can briefly run fast, jump high, and kick even harder than he did when he was in his original body. [cite web|url=|title=Case Closed Characters at|publisher=FUNimation|accessdate=2008-06-14] They come in most handy in clutch moments.

Homing Glasses

First appeared in File 4, Volume 2. These glasses can pick up radio signals from special transmitters that Conan frequently sticks onto a suspect. [cite web|url=|title=Case Closed Characters at|publisher=FUNimation|accessdate=2008-06-14] Conan's glasses aren't corrective, since he did not have myopia. Originally, he just pushed the lenses out of his father's spare pair of glasses and used him as part of his disguise. ["Case Closed" File 2, Volume 1.] Dr. Agasa later gives him different glasses with various abilities (such as telescopic lenses, audio bugging, and tracking via homing in on a signal sent out by trackers or Detective Badges), but the lenses are always just plain glass. Since , however, he had Dr. Agasa fit the frames with bulletproof glass in preparation to defend Conan against a criminal.

tretchy Suspenders

First appeared in File 9 of Volume 2 of the manga. Worn on Conan as his suspenders, it actually is highly elastic and tensile, such that, together with a button on its crosspatch, it can as like an automatic block and tackle. [cite web|url=|title=Case Closed Characters at|publisher=FUNimation|accessdate=2008-06-14]

tun-dart watch

First appeared in manga volume 3, or anime episode 5. [The first incidence of this is in "Case Closed" Manga Volume: 3, Anime Episode: # 5 ] It is armed with a tiny tranquilizer dart that can put a person to sleep for a number of minutes and a face that flips up to become a sight. [cite web|url=|title=Case Closed Characters at|publisher=FUNimation|accessdate=2008-06-14] Richard has gone to sleep via these darts often; Conan will afterward pose Richard and pretend to be him at the end of a case. This device has one shot only, however. ["Case Closed" File 6, Volume 12.] On several occasions, it has been used as an offensive weapon; however, it's effectiveness in this capacity is less than optimal, having, on several occasions, having the dart deflected and, in one case, having the entire mechanism disabled.

Portable bento box fax

Only appeared in the story arc between File 8, Volume 7 to File 1, Volume 8. It is a bento box-- with real food-- with a portable, wireless fax machine hidden in it. [ "Case Closed" Manga Volume 7 & 8]

olar-powered skateboard

First appeared in anime episode 12: Ayumi-chan Kidnapping Case, it was able to propel itself so long as there's sunlight to power it; it is a handy means of getting around town when short legs just don't cut it. It used to run on nothing but solar power and would shut off when the sun went down. An upgrade in has included a rechargeable battery which can drive it for 30 minutes. After the Ayumi Kidnapping Case, the skateboard has only been used in the movies.

Mini speaker

First appeared in manga File 10 of Volume 11. It is actually a wireless speaker for bow-tie voice changer, and Conan would use it in the impersonation of Richard Moore when their positions are inconvenient to make Conan hid behind Richard.

A variation of the mini speaker was shown in , being encased in cuff links and featuring a microphone of its own, using a transceiver to send audio feeds to Conan's glasses.

Earring cell phone

First appeared in File 10 of Volume 14. As its name implies; it's a cell phone that is shaped like an earring; a form factor Conan disliked. In addition to being a cell phone, it is also a wireless speaker for the bow-tie voice changer as the Mini Speaker is ["Case Closed", File 2, Volume 15.] .

Math book electronic map

Appeared in episode 86 of the anime. A flat-screen electronic map disguised as Conan's math workbook.

occer ball belt

Introduced in File 8 of Volume 37. On the press of a button, a ball would be formed from the belt, but due to the properties of the polymer used, the ball would degenerate in 10 seconds. It complements the power boost sneakers, since the latter can only be an offensive weapon when there are things to kick with.

Inventions for the Junior Detective League

The Junior Detective League badge

First appeared in volume 6. Conan asked Dr Agasa to make those to the League members because he lost an arcade game session against George, Mitch and Amy ["Case Closed", File 6, Volume 6.] . These are effectively miniature walkie-talkies with a wide range of reception ["Case Closed", Files 1-3, Volume 9.] . In cases involving the League, the system of badges is an important form of communication between its members. In addition, they send out radio signals that can be tracked by Conan's glasses. [cite web|url=|title=Case Closed Characters at|publisher=FUNimation|accessdate=2008-06-14]

The voice-changing face mask

First appeared in volume 26. Since in that part of story Conan was temporarily changed back to Jimmy, Anita Hailey was to pretend as Conan to prevent Rachel's suspicions. Thus Agasa made this face mask-- which is functionally identical to the voice-changing bowtie so that Anita can pretend to be Conan.

Inventions available for the general public

Voice-changing pen

Appeared in volume 12. Functionally similar to the voice-changing bowtie but also housed with a voice recorder and housed in a ball pen, Dr. Agasa was able to sell this invention. His Volkswagen Beetle was bought with the royalties from the sale ["Case Closed", Volume 12.] .

Tropical Rainbow bomb

Appeared in volume 24. Agasa made this building implosion system, together with the associated pyrotechnics--hence the name-- to help in demolishing the Haido Museum. He was invited to detonate the explosive, but stopped by the police, because Miwako Sato and a suspect were trapped in the to-be-demolished museum. ["Detective Conan", File 2, Volume 24.]

Failed inventions

Personal Jetpack

Appeared in episode one of the Anime. He uses the jetpack in Jimmy's house and ends up knocking over a bookcase. ["Case Closed"(anime), Episode 1 ] It was invented for use by the general public. Agasa was flying and hovering all over Jimmy's house with the Jetpack. He claims this will "revolutionize transportation" and make him famous and rich beyond his dreams. He says it is "so simple to use" , will reduce traffic, make transportation easier/faster, and it is kinder to the environment (in comparison to automobiles). ["Case Closed" (anime), Episode 1 ] It is also known as the "Civilian Jetpack" . It is unknown what happens to it after the first episode. ["Case Closed"(anime), Episode 1]



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