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* Sal , someone's name, Salvador. A name commonly used by Mexicans. Meaning Savior in English, so in other words another name for Jesus [citation needed] . Commonly abbreviated to Sal in countries where spanish is not the number one spoken language, so in other words Mexican-Americans named Salvador are usually called Sal by most of their non-spanish, non-mexican friends. Mexicans also refer to people with this name as Chava, which is the nickname correlated to this name. For example, Richard/Dick, William/Bill, Robert/Bob.
* Sal ("Shorea robusta"), a tree found in southern Asia
* Sal, Cape Verde, an island in Cape Verde
* Sal (Goa), a river in Goa
* Sal River, a river in Russia

* Sumerian for "woman", see MUNUS
* Sal, a character in the sci-fi animated TV series "Futurama"
*Spanish and Portuguese for "salt"


* Salt
* Salutation
* El Salvador International Airport, whose IATA code is "SAL".


* Surface Air Lifted, postal classification.
* Seaboard Air Line Railroad reporting mark|SAL
* Saharan Air Layer
* SAL 9000 is the earth-based equivalent of HAL 9000 in
* Shared Applications Language, the common language between computer applications
* The South Atlantic League, a minor league baseball league
* Swedish American Line, an ocean liner and cruise ship operator that existed between 1915 and 1986
* Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory
* Source Annotation Language, which provides a set of annotations to describe how a C/C++ programming language function uses its parameters.
* The Chapman code for Shropshire
* Structural Adjustment Loans, an economic tool supported by the World Bank
* Symbolic Analysis Laboratory
* Subscriber Access License (SAL)
* Systems Ability Limited, a UK Company name
* Suid-Afrikaanse Lugdiens, South African airline
* Service Activity Log, an employee's report of time spent with a client
* Sterility assurance level

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