Gee (surname)

Gee is a surname, and may refer to:

* Andrew Gee (born 1970), Australian rugby league footballer
* Catherine Gee (born 1967), British television presenter
* Dustin Gee (1942–1986), English comedian
* Edward Pritchard Gee (1904–1968), naturalist
* Ethel Gee (born 1914), member of the Portland Spy Ring in Britain
* Franky Gee (1962–2005), frontman for the German Europop group Captain Jack
* George Gee (1881–1904), Canadian murderer
* George Gee (bandleader), Chinese-American swing big-band leader
* George Gee (ice hockey) (1922–1972), Canadian professional ice hockey player
* Gordon Gee (born 1944), American academic
* Grant Gee, (British?) documentary and music video director
* Henry Gee (born 1962), British paleontologist, senior editor of "Nature" (journal)
* Keith Gee, Australian rugby league footballer
* Ken Gee, English rugby league footballer
* Maggie Gee, British writer
* Maurice Gee (born 1931), New Zealand novelist
* Prunella Gee (born 1950), English actress
* Robert Gee (1876–1960), English recipient of the Victoria Cross
* Robert W. Gee, Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy 1999-2000
* Rosko Gee, bassist with bands such as Traffic and Can
* Scott Gee, drummer of the band Lovehatehero
* Simon Paul Gee, (born 1987), British amateur soccer player
* Spoonie Gee, American rapper
* Thomas Gee (1815–1898), Welsh Nonconformist preacher
* Christopher Gee (born 1984), Facility Manager, Long Island Ducks


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