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The Aetos Security Management Private Limited, is one of the five commercial Auxiliary Police forces authorised to provide armed security officers in Singapore to government organisations as well as private companies. A fully owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, it was formed in February 2004 as a result of a government initiative in revamping the local armed security services sector.

The company expanded significantly as a result of an amalgamation exercise initiated by Temasek Holdings which took effect on 1 April 2004, which saw the security services provided by PSA Corporation and Singapore Technologies Kinetics merging with Aetos. The Changi International Airport Services's (CIAS) airport security unit was also merged subsequently. []

In 2006, AETOS Security Management formed two wholly owned subsidiary, AETOS Security Consultants, and AETOS Security Training and Consultancy, to meet their broadened scope of unarmed business and training and consultancy business.

The AETOS Auxiliary Police Force has a command structure comprising a Commander and three Deputy Commanders. The Deputy Commander East Region commands a security force in charge of aviation security terminal operations at Singapore Changi Airport, the Deputy Commander West Region commands a security force in charge of maritime security operations across various installations on the western part of Singapore, while the Deputy Commander SSU looks after Security Screening Unit, and security functions at the terminal gatehold rooms.


AETOS Security Management (“AETOS”) is a 100% owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings (Pte) Ltd established in February 2004. Since its establishment, AETOS has successfully merged the Auxiliary Police Forces of CIAS, PSA Corporation and ST Kinetics and operations have since proceeded smoothly. Currently, AETOS has a staff strength of approximately 2,|date=February 2008 The first General Manager was BG(Ret) Andrew Tan (2004 - 2005), handed over to President, Mr. Kelvin Tan (2005 - 2008) and recently (1 Jan 2008) handed over to Executive Director, DC Chua Chin Kiat (2008 to present).cn|date=February 2008

AETOS is a one-stop security service provider, specialising in armed protection services for key installations and strategic industries, such as the airports, ports, gencos and defence installations. This competitive advantage in aviation security is however lost when CERTIS CISCO takes over the airport contract in 2008.

For several years, AETOS has tried to provide integrated security solutions to meet the needs of clients who are seeking comprehensive, customised and yet cost-effective security alternatives. While AETOS’ competitive edge lies in its ability to provide armed-guard security services, technology-enabled security and surveillance systems are in the infancy state. A newly established Executive Protection Unit strives to complement its core capability of high security protection expertise, AETOS is placed to meet a variety of security threats to high-value assets.


When AETOS was corporatised on 1 Apr 2004, AETOS officers continued to don uniforms worn by officers from the antecedent Auxiliary Police Forces, namely Port of Singapore Authority Police (PSAP), Singapore Technologies Kinetics Police (STKP) and Changi International Airport Services Police (CIASP). Under governmental direction, the uniform was modified to inject distinguishing features between them and that of those worn by officers of the Singapore Police Force to foster a more level playing field with other Auxiliary Police Forces in Singapore.

The new uniforms was a new corporate colour, tartan blue, and the material was pure polyester to poly viscose. New buttons and badges on the cap and collars incorporating AETOS's logo were used in place of similar logos to the Singapore Police Force.

Like CERTIS CISCO,given its former affiliation with the Singapore Police Force, AETOS officers wore tartan blue uniform similar in design of the police force when the antecedent auxiliary police forces, PSA Police, STK Police and CIAS Police formed in 1947, 1967 and 1981 respectively. Uniforms were kept similar such that the general public would not be able to tell AETOS officers from regular police officers unless under close scrutiny. The primary distinguishing feature was the tartan top.

As a result of several uniform reviews both by the police and SIRD, Auxiliary Police Forces must don uniforms with distinctive differences with their regular counterparts. AETOS retained the old metallic cap badges and collar lapels although they were replaced with embroidered versions in the SPF. AETOS officers also don berets and box caps, depending on the security requirements of the clients and the operating environment.

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