List of other Greeks in ancient Macedonia

"This is a list of other Greeks in ancient Macedonian region and Kingdom. For other ancient Macedonians see List of ancient Macedonians"

Macedonia (region)*ancient west Thrace

Central Macedonia


*Apollonia (Chalcidice)
*Cleonae (Chalcidice)
*Neapolis, Chalcidice
*Scyllis of Scione 5th swimmer, diver
*Hydna of Scione 5th swimmer, diver
*Paeonius of Mende (late 5th c. BC) sculptor
*Philippus of Mende, student of Plato, astronomer
*Sthennis of Olynthus 4th c. BC sculptor
*Nicomachus (father of Aristotle)
*Aristobulus of Cassandreia (375 - 301 BC) historian
*Aristotle (384 BC in Stageira-322 BC) philosopher
*Callisthenes (360-328 BC) historian
*Crates of Olynthus, Alexander's hydraulic engineer
*Andronicus the Olynthian (c.370 BC) Phrourarchus of Tyre, one of the four generals appointed by Antigonus to form the military council of the young Demetrius.
*Hipparchus of Stageira disciple of Aristotle, who mentions him in his will.
*Euphantus of Olynthus, philosopher, poet
*Ephippus of Olynthus, historian
*Hegesippus of Mecyberna, historian 4th or 3rd c. BC
*Nicomedes of Acanthus []





East Macedonia

*Apollonia (Pirgos Apollonias)
*Eion []
*Pamphilus of Amphipolis,painter, head of sicyonian school [] and teacher of Apelles
*Demetrius of Amphipolis student of Plato
*Zoilus (400 BC-320 BC) grammarian, cynic philosopher
*Antiphanes of Berge (modern Vergi in Serres Prefecture) author of the book Apista(Unbelievable)
*Philippus of Amphipolis, historian
*Nymphodorus of Amphipolis, historian on Asia
*Asclepiades of Tragilos mythographer, student of Isocrates


*Telesicles ~700 BC, father of poet Archilochus
*Thrasyalces pre-socratic philosopher
*Stesimbrotus of Thasos 5th c. BC rhapsodist and historian
*Aglaophon (6-5th c. BC) painter, teacher and father of Polygnotus and Aristophon
*Polygnotus (middle of 5th c. BC) painter
*Neseus of Thasos, painter
*Theagenes Olympic Athlete Boxer (480 BC),Pankratiast(476 BC) & Runner []
*Hegemon of Thasos comedian, inventor of parody
*Hegetorides pacifist
*Leodamas, pythagorean mathematician
*Hecataeus of Thasos epigrammatic

Macedonian Kingdom

700-360 BC

*Hesiod 700 BC on Makednos
*Peisistratos (Athens)607 BC-528 alliance with Amyntas I of Macedon
*Hellanicus of Lesbos on Makednos
*Pindar on Alexander I of Macedon
*Bacchylides on Alexander I of Macedon
*Thessalus son of Hippocrates,court physician of Archelaus I
*Agathon(ca. 448–400 BC) athenian tragic poet
*Choerilus of Samos epic poet
*Melanippides of Melos lyric poet
*Timotheus of Miletus poet, musician
*Zeuxis of Heraclea painter, he decorated the royal palace in Pella
*Euripides(ca. 480 BC–406 BC) he wrote the tragedies "The Bacchae" and "Archelaus" in Macedonia and was buried there
*Nicomachus (father of Aristotle) court physician of Amyntas III
*Callistratus of Aphidnae financial adviser of Perdiccas III
*Euphraeus adviser to Perdiccas III

Philip's and Alexandrian Empire

*Philonicus, thessalian horse-breeder of Bucephalus
*Demaratus of Corinth, close friend of Philip, he reconciled him with Alexander and Olympias
*Alexander of Epirus Alexander's uncle

Alexander's Tutors

*Leonidas of Epirus
*Lysimachus of Acarnania


*Leochares athenian sculptor of Philippeion
*Lysippos personal Alexander's personal sculptor
*Apelles of Kos Alexander's personal painter
*Pyrgoteles, Alexander's personal gem-engraver
*Theophilus, metallurgist (Alexander's helmet-maker) in Gaugamela
*Echion (painter) on marriage of Alexan­der and Roxana.
*Antiphilus of Naucratis painter
*Philoxenus of Eretria,painter, possible originator of the Alexander Mosaic
*Athenodoros of Teos harpist, he performed at the wedding of Alexander in 324 BC
*Aristonymus of Athens, harpist
*Thessalus, tragic actor
*Lycon of Locris,comic actor




*Heraclides of Argos
*Androsthenes of Thasos


*Theopompus of Chios
*Callisthenes of Olynthus (360-328 BC)
*Aristobulus of Cassandreia (375 - 301 BC)
*Anaximenes of Lampsacus
*Hieronymus of Cardia
*Chares of Mytilene
*Medius of Larissa
*Cyrsilus of Pharsalus
*Polyclitus of Larissa
*Ephippus of Olynthus


*Hephaestion Amyntoros born in Macedon, father Athenian
*Lysimachus born in Pella, father Thessalian
*Nearchus ,hetairos,viceroy of Lycia and Navarch of Indike fleet
*Eumenes of Cardia (Thrace) ,hetairos,private secretary of Philip and Alexander, Hipparch,Diadochus
*Diodotus of Erythrae private secretary
*Laomedon of Mytilene hetairos,in charge of foreign prisoners, Satrap of Syria and Phoenicia
*Erigyius of Mytilene,hetairos,commander of the allied Greek cavalry after 331 BC
*Neoptolemus (general) epirote hetairos,Satrap of Armenia
*Agathocles of Samos, Taxiarch
*Thorax II of Larissa, General of Antigonus
*Eurybotas Cretan Toxarch
*Ombrion Cretan Toxarch
*Cleomenes of Naucratis nomarch of the Arabian district of Egypt
*Stasanor of Soli, Cyprus general of Alexander and governor of Drangiana, Bactria and Sogdiana
*Hieronymus of Cardia
*Chares of Mytilene
*Aeschylus of Rhodes,in­spector of the governors
*Andromachus of Cyprus, allied admiral
*Apollonius (son of Charinus) governor of the region west of Delta
*Lycidas of Aetolia, commander of the xenoi at Memphis
*Andronicus the Olynthian Prourarchus of Tyre
*Cyrsilus of Pharsalus

=Trierarchs of Nearchus=

*Evagoras of Corinth, secretary to the whole fleet of Nearchus
*Onesicritus of Astypalaia ,helmsman of Royal Ship
*Androsthenes of Thasos
*Laomedon of Mytilene
*Erigyius of Mytilene
*Medius of Larissa
*Eumenes son of Hieronymus, from Cardia
*Critobulus, son of Plato, of Cos,
*Thoas son of Menodorus,
*Maeander, son of Mandrogenes, of Magnesia,
*Andron son of Cabeleus, of Teos.
*Nicocles son of Pasicrates, of Soli, Cyprus
*Nithaphon son of Pnytagoras, of Salamis, Cyprus


*Euphantus of Olynthus
*Aeschrion of Samos
*Choerilus of Iasus
*Agis of Argos
*Python of Catana dramatist


*Theophrastus of Lesbos, aristotelian
*Anaxarchus of Abdera, democritean
*Pyrrho of Elis ,sceptic
*Clearchus of Soli,peripatetic
*Euphantus of Olynthus


*Nicomachus (father of Aristotle)
*Menecrates of Syracuse (Philip's)
*Philip of Acarnania Alexander's personal
*Alexippus for Peucestas
*Pausanias for Craterus
*Glaucus or Glaucias for Hephaestion
*Dracon (son of Hippocrates) for Roxana


*Aristander chief-seer of Alexander


*Polyidus of Thessaly military engineer of Philip
*Diades of Thessaly chief military engineer of Alexander
*Charias, mechanician
*Philippus, mechanician
*Crates of Olynthus ,Alexander's hydraulic engineer
*Dinocrates of Rhodes chief architect and technical adviser of Alexander
*Aristobulus of Cassandreia architect, engineer
*Gorgus ,water and mining engineer


*Myrtale of Epirus, mother of Alexander the Great. Philip renamed her Olympias
*Nicesipolis of Pherae mother of Thessalonica
*Philinna of Larissa, mother of Arrhidaeus later called Philip III of Macedon
*Campaspe of Thessaly

300-168 BC

*Lysimachus reigned in Macedonia in 288-281 BC
*Pyrrhus of Epirus reigned in Macedonia in 288-285 and 274-272 BC
*Epimachus of Athens military engineer of Demetrius Poliorcetes
*Eurydice of Athens wife of Demetrius Poliorcetes
*Aratus of Soli, Cilicia (ca. 315 BC/310 BC – 240 BC) he set to verse the victory of Antigonus II Gonatas over the Gauls in 277 BC
*Persaeus of Cyprus, stoic philosopher and Macedonian officer of Antigonus II Gonatas
*Heraclides of Tarentum ,mechanician of Philip V

Hellenistic States

*Euthydemus I of thessalian Magnesia,Greco-Bactrian king, founder of the The Euthydemian Dynasty (230 BC)

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