List of Irgun attacks during the 1930s

During the Great Uprising (1936-1939) of the Arabs in Palestine, in which more than 320 Jews were killed by Arab attacks, the Irgun carried out sixty attacks against Arabs, reflecting its world view that "political violence and terrorism" were "legitimate tools in the Jewish national struggle for the Land of Israel". [Perliger and Weinberg, 2003, p. 100.] Following the killing of five Jews at Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim on November 9, 1937, Irgun launched a series of attacks which lasted until the beginning of World War II. All told, Irgun attacks against Arab targets resulted in at least 250 Arab deaths during this period.

Following is a list of attacks that have been attributed to Irgun that took place during the 1930s.Only operations resulting in death are included above. The Irgun conducted at least 60 operations altogether during this period. [Perliger and Weinberg p. 101.]



*Y. 'Amrami, A. Melitz, "דברי הימים למלחמת השחרור" ("History of the War of Independence" in Hebrew), Shelach Press, 1951. (a sympathetic account of events, mostly related to Irgun and Lehi).
*cite book |author=J. Bowyer Bell |title=Terror Out of Zion: Irgun Zvai Leumi, LEHI, and the Palestine Underground, 1929-1949 |publisher= St. Martin's Press |location= |year=1977 |pages= |isbn=0312792050 |oclc= |doi= |accessdate=
*Palestine Post, various dates
* Arie Perliger and Leonard Weinberg, Jewish Self Defense and Terrorist Groups Prior to the Establishment of the State of Israel: Roots and Traditions. "Totalitarian Movements & Political Religions", Vol. 4, No. 3 (2003) 91-118. [ Online version]
* Irgun Tzvai Leumi [website] [] .

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