Special reconnaissance organizations

::"This article is a subset article under Special Reconnaissance(SR), which addresses operational techniques. For a complete hierarchical list of articles that may use SR to provide human source intelligence HUMINT, see the intelligence cycle management hierarchy."

The following list of organizations possess the capability to conduct Special Reconnaissance (SR) and other special operations roles, with SR often by specialists within them. Certain organizations are tasked for response involving areas contaminated by chemicals, biological agents, or radioactivity.


=Australia= :*Australian Special Air Service Regiment :*1st Commando Regiment


:*Groupe d'Intervention Spécial (GIS)


:*68th Special Operations Brigade with Special Operations Battalion


Canadian units are known for exceptional sniper and visual surveillance:* Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2), the Canadian Forces’ special operations and counterterrorism unit :* 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron:* Joint Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence Company:* Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR)


:*Guangzhou Military Region Special Forces Unit - Established in 1988 as the PLA’s first special reconnaissance group, and was later expanded in 2000 to become the first PLA special operations unit to be capable of air-, sea-, and land-operations.:*Chengdu Military Region Special Forces Unit – Nickname “Falcon”. Established in 1992, this unit is specialised in target locating and indicating, airborne insertion, sabotage and offensive strike, and emergency evacuation. The unit was also used by Chengdu MR to experiment various new concept equipments and tactics, including the digitised army soldier system and high-mobility land weapon platforms.:* Beijing Military Region Special Forces Unit - Established in the early 1990s, this unit is equipped with various “high-tech” equipment including unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicle (UARV), individual explosion device, handheld laser dazzling weapon, etc.:* Shenyang Military Region Special Forces Unit:* Nanjing Military Region Special Forces Unit - Nickname “Flying Dragon”:* Nanjing Military Region Special Forces Unit - Nickname “Eagle”:* Lanzhou Military Region Special Forces Unit

Czech Republic

:*7th Reconnaissance Battalion:*SOG (Special Operations Group):*601st Special Forces Group

=Denmark= :*Jægerkorpset - Army SOF :*Frømandskorpset - Navy SOF:* [http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%C3%A6rlig_St%C3%B8tte_og_Rekognoscering Special Support & Reconnaisance] (SSR) - Danish Home Guard SR-COY.


:*Sayeret Matkal


:*Spetsnaz:*Razvedchiki (reconnaissance scouts):*Vysotniki (special operations teams)

Sri Lanka

:*Special Forces Regiment:*Special Boat Squadron

United Kingdom

:*Special Air Service:*Special Boat Service:*Special Reconnaissance Regiment:*Pathfinder Platoon:*Brigade Reconnaissance Force, 3 Commando Brigade:*4/73 (Sphinx) Special Observation Post Battery, Royal Regiment of Artillery

United States

:*United States Army Special Forces (Green Berets):*1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force or Combat Applications Group):*Intelligence Support Activity:*United States Navy SEALs:*Naval Special Warfare Development Group:*Air Force Special Tactics Combat Controllers :*Air Force Special Operations Weather Technicians:*Marine Special Operations Battalions (MSOBs):*United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance


Nazi Germany

:*Brandenburger Regiment

United Kingdom

:*Special Operations Executive more a direct action organization, but conducted some reconnaissance. Espionage was under the continuing Secret Intelligence Service

United States

:*Office of Strategic Services::*2671st Special Reconnaissance Battalion

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