Guingon Group of Companies

company_name = Guingon Group of Companies
company_type = Private
foundation = 2000 in Tokyo City, Japan
location = Tokyo, Japan
Quezon City, Philippines
key_people = Founded by Angelito M. Guingon
Angelito M. Guingon, CEO
Miriam S. Guingon, Chairwoman
Cristina I. Santos, President
num_employees = 1500
slogan = Giving you a new life
net_income = PHP 10 million |

Guingon Group of Companies is a holding company for the diversified interests of the Guingon Group. It was founded in 2000 in the Tokyo, Japan. The company has a portfolio of diverse business interests including investments in real estate, banking, telecommunications, information technology, business process outsourcing.

Companies owned by Guingon Group of Companies

* Guingon Financial Corp.
* Guingon Land Developer Inc.
* Guingon Agency Inc.
* Guingon Export-Import Trading Co. Ltd.
* Guingon Chemical Inc.
* Solaris Internet Café & Coffee Shop Inc.

Board of directors

As of now N/A


* Chairwoman of the Board of Directors: Miriam S. Guingon
* Chief Executive Officer: Angelito M. Guingon
* President: Cristina I. Santos
* Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development: Jenelyn A. Santos
* Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer: Jerald Santos
* Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer: Jeff Santos
* Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Communications: Johnrich A. Santos
* Chief Legal and Administrative Officer: Krizia S. Guingon


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